Comfy Sweater

Oversized Sweater w Gap Black Faded Denim-6684Oversized Sweater w Gap Black Faded Denim-6778Oversized Sweater w Gap Black Faded Denim-6709Oversized Sweater w Gap Black Faded Denim-6728Oversized Sweater w Gap Black Faded Denim-6796Oversized Sweater w Gap Black Faded Denim-6730Oversized Sweater w Gap Black Faded Denim-6800Oversized Sweater w Gap Black Faded Denim-6736Oversized Sweater w Gap Black Faded Denim-6803Oversized Sweater w Gap Black Faded Denim-6768Oversized Sweater w Gap Black Faded Denim-6750


Does this outfit look familiar to you? If you follow me on instagram I posted it there a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to share it on here because I think it is such a simple look that can be so versatile. It would also look great with a pair of over the knee boots, sneakers, pumps. You could wear any kind of bright purse or coat and it would make the look so much fun.

I love wearing a simple outfit and adding some fun with it by adding pops of colors. I may do that with almost every outfit I wear. Most recently, I have been wearing a lot of gray and black and it fits so well with almost every event.

These jeans are so so so comfortable. If you are looking for a new pair of jeans, I highly recommend these. Plus they’re fun. Not your average black jeans that everyone has been wearing — these are like a faded gray, but still so sleek.


Calvin Klein Suiting Dress

Calvin Klein Suiting Dress-7654Calvin Klein Suiting Dress-7695Calvin Klein Suiting Dress-7722Calvin Klein Suiting Dress-7727Calvin Klein Suiting Dress-7731Calvin Klein Suiting Dress-7733Calvin Klein Suiting Dress-7735Calvin Klein Suiting Dress-7736Calvin Klein Suiting Dress-7678

Hi Friends,

Have you noticed anything about my background in the last couple of posts? You guessed it.  Lately, I have been taking my outfit photos inside. Guys, it has been so cold here. I think within the last month there were two days that were not below freezing. Hence, the indoor outfit photos. I really miss my outdoor photos and I can’t wait until I can get back outside again.

This dress, I love it. I was hunting through, TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack looking for this dress in black and I found it. I already own this dress in navy — clearly I love it. I’ve worn  it in this blog post as well as this post. I can’t express to you how perfect they are for the office. You can wear it with a cardigan, I love wearing button up shirts under it, oh and don’t forget blazers, they always work.

What is one of your favorite items to wear in the office?

Relaxed and Casual

Perfect Lounge Outfit-7154Perfect Lounge Outfit-7158Perfect Lounge Outfit-7164Perfect Lounge Outfit-7165Perfect Lounge Outfit-7169Perfect Lounge Outfit-7209

Last week, I think I spent every day in bed. Apparently, there has been some sort of cold going around and I caught it. How fun! I’m feeling much better now, but in honor of my departing cold I wanted to share with you all an amazing outfit you could wear lounging around the house or even if you’re sick.

On days like this, I like to keep my look pretty simple. Black pants and a t-shirt, basically anything that is comfortable to wear under a robe. It makes such a difference when you find items that don’t restrict you. My brother actually purchased these pants for me for Christmas. I love them!

Lately, I have been so into slippers. I think I have to agree with all the other bloggers out there when they say, these Ugg slippers are so comfortable to wear around the house. I love them and I can say they are so worth it. If you have the money to splurge on these slippers, I strongly recommend them.

Mint and a Navy Vest

Ralph Lauren Sweater and Old Navy Vest -8090Ralph Lauren Sweater and Old Navy Vest -7940Ralph Lauren Sweater and Old Navy Vest -7960Ralph Lauren Sweater and Old Navy Vest -7961Ralph Lauren Sweater and Old Navy Vest -7978Ralph Lauren Sweater and Old Navy Vest -8045Ralph Lauren Sweater and Old Navy Vest -8088Ralph Lauren Sweater and Old Navy Vest -7991Ralph Lauren Sweater and Old Navy Vest -7992Ralph Lauren Sweater and Old Navy Vest -7994Ralph Lauren Sweater and Old Navy Vest -8018Ralph Lauren Sweater and Old Navy Vest -8026Ralph Lauren Sweater and Old Navy Vest -8122Ralph Lauren Sweater and Old Navy Vest -8028

How fun is this casual outfit? I love how this looks — gives you a splash of spring. Over the last week or so, the United States has been frozen. The vest gives an extra layer of warmth, and the bright mint sweater is a great color that reminds me that spring will come… eventually.

One thing I like to do for added spice to my outfits is to add a contrasting pop of color. The clutch adds just enough fun to this look. I like a classic look but I like to add something different to make a classy look unique.

Oh Sleeves

Grey Bell Sleeve Sweater with Jeans-7917Grey Bell Sleeve Sweater with Jeans-7786Grey Bell Sleeve Sweater with Jeans-7855Grey Bell Sleeve Sweater with Jeans-7916Grey Bell Sleeve Sweater with Jeans-7852Grey Bell Sleeve Sweater with Jeans-7843Grey Bell Sleeve Sweater with Jeans-7888Grey Bell Sleeve Sweater with Jeans-7839Grey Bell Sleeve Sweater with Jeans-7824Grey Bell Sleeve Sweater with Jeans-7811Grey Bell Sleeve Sweater with Jeans-7832Grey Bell Sleeve Sweater with Jeans-7879Grey Bell Sleeve Sweater with Jeans-7793

Hi Friends,

This is the first new post of 2018! Last week, I took some time off to get myself together. I had to figure out what is going to be on the schedule this year. Now that I am back, I would love to hear about how your new year is so far.

Typically, I try to avoid trendy trends. I have more of a classic style and wearing pieces that can stand the test of time is what I gravitate to. One of my pet peeves is when I have a trendy item that I love but I find that I don’t wear it as often because I know it is out of style. It makes me feel like a looser when I know the look has been laid to rest and I am still rocking it. I know it doesn’t matter and fashion is subjective but I’m honest.

One day I went browsing through TJ Maxx and came across them gem. It looked simple enough and I thought to myself it is inexpensive enough that when I am over there look I won’t feel like I’ve wasted my money. Bold sleeve has been on trend for so long I decided to give it a whirl.  I have to say, I have worn this top at least three times before it even made it to the blog. It goes with everything and it is warm on these crazy cold days.

I love shopping at TJ Maxx for a few reasons. First, when you have a little extra time on your hands it is great to get lost looking for all kinds of things you probably don’t need. Second, you can find great things at a great price. What more do you need?

Shirt: TJ Maxx similar here ~ Necklace: Charming Charlie similar here ~ Jeans: Gap similar here ~ Shoes: TJ Maxx similar here

BEST OF 2017 REPOST: Floral and Denim

Floral Skirt and Denim Jacket 36Floral Skirt and Denim Jacket 42Floral Skirt and Denim Jacket 38Floral Skirt and Denim Jacket 45Floral Skirt and Denim Jacket 46Floral Skirt and Denim Jacket 53Floral Skirt and Denim Jacket

Hi Friends,

I hope you all had a great weekend. Honestly, I am shocked I was able to get this post edited and live today. Last week was such a crazy week. I felt like I didn’t even have a chance to sit down. I am glad to start the week off fresh.

On another note, lets talk fashion. This skirt I have been waiting to wear once stockings were no longer necessary. I wanted to pair it with a simple t-shirt and a denim jacket. There is still a chill in the air here hence the light jacket. Plus, I love denim with everything 🙂