Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt

Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8915Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8869Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8902Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8860Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8800Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8900Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8863Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8890Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8837Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8852Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8879Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8796Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8864Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8824Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8884Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8834Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8877Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8787

Even though Valentine’s Day has come and gone, I had one more dressy fun outfit to share with you all. I shared this shirt with you a few post back. Yep, I still love it. It works well with so many looks. I think it will be a staple in my wardrobe for years to come. This skirt I found at T.J. Maxx. Calvin Klein always wins with me, the cut of the dresses and skirts work very well with my body type. Lastly, if you don’t have a stoll get one, they make any outfit look so much more glam I love it.

Shirt: Express similar here ~ Skirt: T.J. Maxx similar here ~ Scarf: Forever 21 similar here ~ Shoes: Banana Republic similar here


Outerwear I’m Loving

Outerwear I'm Loving

This was slightly intentional and slightly not intentional. In my last Valentine’s Day post, I told you have I haven’t been into Valentine’s Day until recently. Hence this post, I have been looking for some coats and everything I have been loving is pink or red. Everything I found was from the Chicwish website and I have to tell you they have some really cute items. I would have to warn you it is not as inexpensive as I normally recommend. Most of the items are priced around $50, still not the most expensive. Especially for coats. I plan to do a more in depth wish list on all coats I am loving soon, maybe if they have an end of season sale.

I started to pick a favorite for you but honestly I couldn’t come up with a favorite. I think if I decided to pace myself and buy one item at a time I would start with the pink cardigan coat, I have been loving the gray one (which I think I still plan on purchasing) and when I saw the pink one I was so excited.



Army Leggings

Black Sweater Army Leggings-8982Black Sweater Army Leggings-8948Black Sweater Army Leggings-8974Black Sweater Army Leggings-8931Black Sweater Army Leggings-8981Black Sweater Army Leggings-9066Black Sweater Army Leggings-8973Black Sweater Army Leggings-9012Black Sweater Army Leggings-8992Black Sweater Army Leggings-9019Black Sweater Army Leggings-9001Black Sweater Army Leggings-9035Black Sweater Army Leggings-9003

About a month ago I purchased these pants. I can’t tell you how much I have been loving them. When I first saw them on the Express site. I thought to myself, would I ever wear army leggings? I am not a big fan of printed leggings, but these may have changed the game for me.

I think I have worn them Sunday after church, when it is time to relax and watch Netflix.  As I’m writing this I and thinking to myself “how would these look with boots and dressed up?” I may be doing a lot to think that, but I wonder… If it comes out cute then you will see it in another post.

Coat: Calvin Klein similar here ~ Seater: Gap similar here ~ Pants: Express similar here ~ Shoes: Nike 

Suitcase Chronicles

Instagram Travel Outfits-0046

Instagram Travel Outfits-0042Instagram Travel Outfits-0044Instagram Travel Outfits-0049Instagram Travel Outfits-0053

Hi friends,

I am writing this message from sunny California, Frank and I came out here to visit to attend some All Star Weekend activities. Prior to coming of course we had to pack, which is my favorite part of traveling. I know that is weird, I think most people are not a fan of packing, but I love it.

I decided to do a flat of one of the outfits I plan on wearing while I am out. Typically, when I pack, I like to take pictures of my outfits. It helps me to keep things organized. I have those pictures on my phone, but I look a mess in them and decided to avoid embarrassment and not post them 🙂

Be sure to keep a look out on how I style the outfits from my tip.

Updated Fitness Routine

Maroon Nike Workout Outfit-9118Maroon Nike Workout Outfit-9094Maroon Nike Workout Outfit-9243Maroon Nike Workout Outfit-9135Maroon Nike Workout Outfit-9084Maroon Nike Workout Outfit-9123Maroon Nike Workout Outfit-9101Maroon Nike Workout Outfit-9116

Maroon Nike Workout Outfit-9097

I consider myself to be a fitness enthusiast. Lately, I have been going to the gym and working out more consistently that I have in a couple of years. I’ve made some small changes that have made such a big difference in working out regularly.

  1. Go to a gym near you. Weather you go to a gym that is close to your job or right up the street from your house you will be more motivated to go when you see in the gym on a regular basis. In the past, I was a member of a gym that was about 20 minutes from my house and was not on my typical route home. I would find myself making up every excuse as to why I can’t make the gym that day.
  2. Always keep workout clothes in your car. There has been many times when I was out running errands and had a little time where I could run and have a quick workout.
  3. Create a schedule. Making a schedule is a great way I hold myself accountable. For example I never have plans on Wednesdays, and I know not to make plans because I go to the gym right after work.
  4. Walk. If you feel like you don’t have time take a walk.
  5. Love you workout clothes. Every so often I like to update my workout clothes if you have great workout clothes and don’t use them, they will be wasted.

  Top: Nike old similar here and here ~ Leggings: Old Navy old similar here and here ~ Sneakers: Nike

All Neutrals

Grey Shirt White Pants-9729Grey Shirt White Pants-9731Grey Shirt White Pants-9732Grey Shirt White Pants-9735Grey Shirt White Pants-9737Grey Shirt White Pants-9751Grey Shirt White Pants-9756Grey Shirt White Pants-9759Grey Shirt White Pants-9765Grey Shirt White Pants-9769Grey Shirt White Pants-9774Grey Shirt White Pants-9783

Normally, I loathe wearing white pants. I never find a pair that is flattering on me. I really wanted a pair a few months back and found these in American Eagle, I did a blog post on them here. After wanting these pants so bad I realized I still can’t wear white pants in the winter. These pants are so comfortable, and because of that I am forcing myself out of my comfort zone and making myself wear these amazing wonderful pants.. All Year Long.

What is one way you are trying to force your self out of your comfort zone?

  T-Shirt: H&M similar here and here ~ Jeans: American Eagle similar here and here ~ Cardigan: Nordstrom ~ Shoes: DSW

Leather Leggings

Faux leather leggins with utility jacket-9640Faux leather leggins with utility jacket-9650Faux leather leggins with utility jacket-9653Faux leather leggins with utility jacket-9656Faux leather leggins with utility jacket-9661Faux leather leggins with utility jacket-9672Faux leather leggins with utility jacket-9674Faux leather leggins with utility jacket-9685Faux leather leggins with utility jacket-9690Faux leather leggins with utility jacket-9696

I talk a lot about being comfortable. I can’t express enough how important it is to me be comfortable on my casual days. I can’t imagine myself having a relaxing day wearing something like tight jeans. Torture!

I find myself constantly on the hunt for cute yet casual clothes. Enter the faux leather leggings. They have been a staple for me on the weekends since I have purchased them. Granted I am just wearing leggings, the different texture makes the look more put together which is my goal. I actually wore these pants a few post back, see them here.

Jacket: T.J. Maxx similar here and here ~ Shirt: H&M similar here ~ Faux Leather Leggings: Express ~ Shoes: DSW