Floral French Connection Top

Floral French Connection Shirt and Black Trousers-8416Floral French Connection Shirt and Black Trousers-8376Floral French Connection Shirt and Black Trousers-8409Floral French Connection Shirt and Black Trousers-8394Floral French Connection Shirt and Black Trousers-8452Floral French Connection Shirt and Black Trousers-8400Floral French Connection Shirt and Black Trousers-8423Floral French Connection Shirt and Black Trousers-8403Floral French Connection Shirt and Black Trousers-8456

You guys, I can’t express how much I love thrifting.  You can seriously find some of the greatest pieces. I found this shirt a few weeks ago. It is from French Connection and I love French Connection. They have amazing items that always fit extremely well with my body type. This shirt is an absolute score for me.

A couple of months ago, I was dying to try Trunk Club.  I love the concept of getting a box of clothes sent to me. It’s like getting a surprise every month. In my second trunk delivery, these lovely pants were in the box and I had to keep them. They are comfortable and cute — my favorite combo! To top it off, these shoes are so much fun and they bring the green out in the shirt. I love this color and I’ve been dying to wear these shoes this season. I LOVE A GREAT SLIDE.

Shirt: Thrifted similar here ~ Pants: Trunk Club similar here ~ Shoes: TJ Maxx similar here

Black Cold Shoulder Dress

Black Off the Should Dress-8475Black Off the Should Dress-8598Black Off the Should Dress-8478Black Off the Should Dress-8575Black Off the Should Dress-8612Black Off the Should Dress-8576Black Off the Should Dress-8590Black Off the Should Dress-8628

I think this may be my favorite addition to my spring wardrobe this year (so far). I tend to have a hard time finding spring or summer dresses that are long enough. I love this dress because it covers my arms.  Dresses on the shorter side with long sleeves adds balance to a dress. I also love the idea that this dress is casual simply because I love wearing sneakers with dresses. Comfort is always key 🙂

Dress: Nordstrom Rack similar herehere and here ~ Shoes: JC Penny similar here, here, and here ~ Sunglasses: Five Below similar here

Mixed Prints…

Army Jacket Striped Shirt Light Jeans-7874Army Jacket Striped Shirt Light Jeans-7834Army Jacket Striped Shirt Light Jeans-7910Army Jacket Striped Shirt Light Jeans-7797Army Jacket Striped Shirt Light Jeans-7905Army Jacket Striped Shirt Light Jeans-7897Army Jacket Striped Shirt Light Jeans-7796

Hi Friends!

Does this shirt look familiar to you? If not, check out this link so we are all on the same page.

I love mixing prints, and I have been so in love with army fatigue lately. It just goes with everything. Can I tell you, I’ve had this jacket since college. It has never disappointed me. Year after year, I always find myself reaching for it. It is just perfect because it adds a splash of fun to just about any outfit.

This year, I added this tee to my spring staples, and I have been wearing it so much. I am actually wearing it now 🙂 Nonetheless, it is a perfect tee that can be worn in so many ways. I wear it to work with a blazer and on the weekends with army fatigue jackets- lol. If you are looking for a great tee that goes with pretty much everything, you have to just try it on. I promise you will love it.

Jacket: Old similar here , here and here ~ Shirt: Old Navy ~ Jeans: Old Navy ~ Sneakers: Target similar here, here, and here

Tan Jacket and A Navy Dress

Tan Moto Jacket Blue Dress-8144Tan Moto Jacket Blue Dress-8318Tan Moto Jacket Blue Dress-8231Tan Moto Jacket Blue Dress-8235Tan Moto Jacket Blue Dress-8195Tan Moto Jacket Blue Dress-8225Tan Moto Jacket Blue Dress-8220Tan Moto Jacket Blue Dress-8264Tan Moto Jacket Blue Dress-8186Tan Moto Jacket Blue Dress-8127

Don’t you love it when you find a dress that’s effortless. You never have to worry about it being wrinkled, you can dress it up or down. It just always works. I am always striving for simplicity. When I find something that is so simple, it gives me great joy.

That being said, I found this little number at the thrift store. Which makes it even better, because it was sooooo inexpensive.  I decided to dress down this outfit, because in my opinion spring is such a casual season. When the weather starts to warm up, it is still cool enough that I have to wear a cute jacket.

Check out the links below to see a few dresses that are similar to this thrifted one. HAPPY SHOPPING!

Dress: Thrifted similar here and here ~ Jacket: Nordstrom Rack similar here and here ~ Shoes: TJ Maxx similar here and here

Thrifted Victoria Beckham Bunny Dress

Victoria Beckham Bunny Dress-8089Victoria Beckham Bunny Dress-7969Victoria Beckham Bunny Dress-7974Victoria Beckham Bunny Dress-8051

Do you remember this dress from last year? I was on the hunt for months trying to find this dress in my size. Eventually, I gave up. On a recent trip to Goodwill lately, this little number was on the rack just waiting for me to purchase it. I not sure if I am going to wear it for Easter this year, but when else can you justify having rabbits on your collar.

If you are still looking for an outfit to wear this weekend I will link some similar looks below.

A Fuzzy Half Zip

Fuzzy Half Zip-7108Fuzzy Half Zip-7072Fuzzy Half Zip-7111Fuzzy Half Zip-7073Fuzzy Half Zip-7149Fuzzy Half Zip-7075Fuzzy Half Zip-7077Fuzzy Half Zip-7132

I have to say, I love to wear clothes that give comfort. On busy days, I just have to get myself out the door, but I always like to do my best to look as put together as I can.

There are times when I need to take a break from all the effort it takes to get dressed. I don’t know about you, but when I get dressed it’s usually an entire production. Some days I just don’t have time for that. When I’m short on time, I love to just grab something that looks okay and go about my day. For me, a nice hoodie or fleece does the trick.

Even though certain days I opt for a more casual look, it is still important to look put together. It’s a necessity that the items in your closet are great pieces that make you feel good. When you feel good, it does something with your confidence. When you exude confidence you can conquer the world.

Fleece: T.J. Maxx similar here ~ Jeans: Old Navy ~ Shoes: Nike similar here

Easter Sunday Outfit Ideas

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Floral Maxi Dress-6
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Gray Jewel Dress-9
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Ann Taylor Loft Skirt and Navy Top-3
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Fun Flirty Skirt-9918
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Calvin Klien Dress with Pearls-9552
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Easter is one of my favorite holidays, I start planning what I am going to wear pretty early, truthfully it very rarely works out because it is still to cold outside for a nice spring dress. As we all know Easter is not about what we wear but, for us to remember what our Lord did for us to have eternal life. Before getting to preachy- do you get dressed up and go to church or do you hang out with family and friends in a casual setting?

Today, I rounded up a few dresses I’ve shared in past post. If you are looking for inspiration on what to wear for Easter, these would be great look for Easter Sunday.

Spring Staples: The Striped Shirt

A spring staple that never goes out of style (in my opinion) is a striped shirt. They are so versatile and classic, making any outfit have a bit of flair and class. Personally, I prefer to do a black and white stripe, but if your closet is more blue, a navy stripe may be better suited for your style.

I recently purchased this striped shirt and wanted to show you a basic way to wear this look.

Striped Shirt for Spring-7538Striped Shirt for Spring-7607Striped Shirt for Spring-7568Striped Shirt for Spring-7574Striped Shirt for Spring-7610Striped Shirt for Spring-7576Striped Shirt for Spring-7582

Here are a few of my favorites that would be perfect for the spring.