The Selection, The Elite, and The One: Book Review

June 27, 2014

The Selection, The Elite, & The One all written by Kiera Kass is an amazing book series! I can not stress enough how much I loved this series. Honestly, I could not put it down. It took me a week (maybe two) to read all three books! It was like a dystopian version of Cinderella or any other fairy tale that us young girls would read (or watch Disney movies about)

I loved the dynamic of Prince Maxon and America. To me, their interactions are more romantic because they are not your typical happily ever after, when real life happens it can get in the way of a fairy tale. That is exactly how this book was written. Maxon and America, constantly would fight with each other, yet couldn’t stand to be away from each other. I hate book reviews that give the story away, but if you are looking for a good summer read… this is it! There are girl fights, wars, death, heart break and lots of drama!

So I do have a confession, the reason I was able to go through these books so quickly was because I purchased them from, which is an amazing subscription service for audio books! Which is why I don’t have photos of these books. While I was looking for a photo online with all three books together I came across this gem!

So true! Got to love it 🙂


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