No Good Deed

Friday I had a girls night and went down to the National Harbor and had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants… Grace Mandarin, of course I spent to much money but it was ohh so worth it. They have some of the most amazing Chinese food ever! Then after we went to go see what is arguably the best movie (at least I have seen) this year! No Good Deed was such a great movie with a twist at the end.

I love movies like this because, I like to think I am able to figure out the movie because I am that great of a movie critic (lol hire me if you like). This movie got me! I was completely bamboozled at the end, because I think everyone in the world should go see this movie, I will not spoil it for you.

Oh and I forgot… Idris Elba was in this movie! If me telling you how good it was doesn’t do it for you go see it to watch him.

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