My Obsession…

Hello, my name is Jazmin, and I am addicted to online shopping…

First step is admittance right. I admit… I made a purchase from Banana Republic just before writing this post, I swear it was a good sale.

Sound familiar? Shopping online is just so convenient who doesn’t love door to door service, and because all you have to do is click a button it seems like you always spend more than anticipated. If any ofย  you are like me you have found yourself in a situation here are some tips to help me keep a handle on what I am spending online.

1. Only buy when there is a sale.ย  If you are buying things full price every time you shop online (if you shop as often as I do) you would be spending a lot of money on clothes, a crazy amount. Even if you have the money imagine if you invest it… we can be fashionable but we still have to be smart.

2. Would you but this in person? This is easy… if you wouldn’t buy it in person, then you have no reason to buy it online (I mean you can buy something else with that money). Just make an effort to think before you press the checkout button.

3. Give yourself a budget of how much you can spend in one sitting.ย  In each online transaction, I only allow myself to spend a certain amount of money. Usually it is to get free shipping if I am not getting free shipping why not just pick it up from the store? Having an amount that I will not go over will help me to narrow down things that I may or may not need.

4. Look for coupon codes. There is never a reason to pay full price if you can possibly get a coupon! The more discounts you get the more you can spend. Here is my logic… If you give yourself a budget of $100 if you can find a 40% coupon code that means you have $40 more to spend to reach you budget of $100.

5. Is it a good return policy? I only purchase items that I can return in person if I need too. If for one reason or another I need to return then I would like to drive down the street and handle my business. I don’t like the idea of sending something I have already paid for in the mail with the possibly of it getting lost.


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