Hotel Tipping

In the next couple of months I am planning on going on a few trips that I am super excited about. My birthday is coming up (kinda, it’s in November) maybe I will be able to leave the state to celebrate. Other than that one of my friends is planning on going to Vegas for her Birthday, which I am super excited about because I have never been. Then I am going to Mexico for my honeymoon.

One of my favorite things to do is travel. I am also very particular about what hotels I stay in. If I haven’t visited a specific hotel before I always look at the traveler uploads on Trip Adviser to see what I am in for. This morning I was listening to the radio and heard that Marriott is going to start leaving tipping envelopes to remind guest that we should be tipping our housekeepers- WHO KNEW? I get tipping the bellhops and others in similar capacities, but it never crossed my mind that we should be doing the same for the housekeeping staff. You can read more about this policy click here.

All my life I never knew this was a “rule” I have been so rude all this time. The way I operate is that I always try to do the right thing. With this new information I will now have to start carrying cash with me to be sure to leave a tip for the housekeepers.

Over all I just wanted to pass this information to you all

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