One Piece of Advice I would Give My Younger Self

Day 4 of #TDCLBlogtober

If I could go back in time and give myself one piece of advice.. would be really hard to narrow it down. I would give myself so much advice lol. The most important of all the massive advice I would give, would be to do what I want no matter what other people think. I have a fear of failing and if someone I trust gives me sound guidance I follow it. For example, I never wanted to go to college (although some of the best years of my life) that was not something I cared to do (I wanted to be a hair dresser). I did it because it was the right (and smart) thing to do. That could even go into starting this blog, I have had this vision for so long but for one reason or another I was afraid of what people would think when they read my content.

I guess because I am a people pleaser (to an extent) I just go along with things. For all you people pleasers out there.. Let me tell you it feel so go to do something, for no reason at all, except because you want too. Having moments like this are so liberating and I strongly recommend (younger Jazmin) you take as many opportunities to do exactly what you want as if there is no one to tell you, you were wrong and understand you know what is best for you, trust it.




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