Finally that moment I have been waiting for… ten months in the making! I am going dress shopping this weekend! My mom is coming to visit, my aunt and grandmother will be joining us and we are going dress shopping. Well I will burn my mom out while she is here this weekend and try to get a lot of items crossed off my list, but I will save that for another post.

I have been looking up list (yep I am very type A) to be as prepared as possible for this weekend.

1. No more than 3 appointments in one day.

2. Keep your party small. Try not to bring any more than 5 people. Everyone will have an opinion and you may second guess yourself.

3. Keep and open mind. A general rule, don’t rule anything out until you tried it on… it may be THE dress.

4. Know your budget. Stick to it, there is no reason to go into debt for a dress you will only wear once.

5. Go with your gut. If you feel in your bones that it is right, then it will be right.


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