Book Review: The Eternal Engagement by Mary B. Morrison

On the book jacket the book is described as:

“Lincoln, a star athlete, turns down a full scholarship to college to join the military. Before deploying he proposes to Mona and Katherine so both would write him while he was away. When his best friend is killed in combat, Lincoln learns neither war nor marriage was what he was prepared for.”

I just finished this book, like right now. Let me express to you why I was expecting so much more. This book had depth, hope, passion, then it ended. Nothing was resolved. Here is the book in a nutshell.

On graduation day Lincoln decided he wanted to propose to his girlfriend. Not the most absurd idea, except they are both just graduating high school. I’m sure we have all been there, thinking we were going to marry our high school sweetheart, Katherine. When it doesn’t happen we move on. It was a nice gesture, only if she was the only one he proposed to that day. Lincoln then decided to propose to Mona Lisa (yea that is her name) although, they haven’t been in a relationship since their sophomore year. Oh guess what they both said yes, and was excited about it.

Moving on Lincoln went into the Marines, throughout the book they kept referring to him as solder. Maybe I am picking but Marines are Marines and solders are in the Army, but I digress. After Lincoln went through all the craziness sailors, solders, airmen and marines go though he returned to the states with PTSD. After hearing what Lincoln has to go through to get health care for his condition, he then turns out to be a jerk because he begins calling his baby momma asking her for money. Oh yea I forgot to tell you Katherine got pregnant and raised Lincoln’s son on her own while getting her degree to become a New Anchor.

Mona Lisa then ended up graduating college and began dating some random named Stephen, married him while still wearing the engagement ring Lincoln gave her 9 years ago. I guess she really thought he was gonna come back and marry her. Even though there was no phone call, letter or anything. This random guy Stephen was a bounty hunter turned murderer. Got Mona Lisa caught up in one of her murders, then moved away to run from the cops.

It’s a lot going on right… there is more.

Mona Lisa realized how crazy Stephen was, left him started dating some random guy (this was so irreverent I don’t even remember his name). Stephen found Mona Lisa have sex with the no name in the parking lot (nasty), followed them to the hotel they were staying at breaks in kills the random, kidnapped Mona Lisa tied her up in their home. Mona get free runs to Lincoln who was living in Seattle, WA (I don’t know how he got there).

When Mona Lisa knocks on the hotel room Lincoln was living at, she was greeted by a naked Katherine. Lincoln was off looking for the hooker who stole his money the night before (I promise I am not making this up). Mona Lisa and Katherine exchange some colorful words then Mona Lisa kicked Katherine out of the hotel room. Katherine left and when back home to her son.

With Katherine gone, Mona Lisa and Lincoln got back together. Now it is Christmas time and Mona Lisa and Lincoln went home to their home town. Randomly, Katherine and Stephen began dating, yup that’s Mona Lisa’s husband. Stephen hated Mona Lisa at this point and wanted to kill Lincoln.

After a bunch of running around they home town the book ended with Stephen dying, Mona Lisa going to jail, and Katherine being pregnant with Stephen’s baby.

That’s it.




  1. I’ve been a fan of Mary B. Morrison since “Soulmates Dissipate”. The last book I enjoyed was “If I can’t have you”. I wanted so badly to get the sequel as well as the book you just finished but the reviews were so bad. I’m not sure what’s going on with Honey B but I wish she would find her writing voice, rhythm…whatever it is that is missing so she can get back to giving what her fans are longing for.

    Thank you for your review.

  2. God Don’t? I had to google that series. Do you mean the series by Mary Monroe? Oh yes!!! I started reading those and fell off by book 2. Thank you for reminding of that series. As far as Mary B. Morrison the Darius Jones Series is really good. Thank you for this post. I love reading and haven’t picked up a book in a minute.

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