Blogmas Day 4: Real or Faux Tree

Growing up my family always had a real tree. I don’t think I knew families had fake trees. When I was introduced to a fake tree I was in love and never wanted a real tree again. Of Course there are pros and cons to having a real or a fake tree, but I wanted to hare mine with you.

Real Tree:

Having a real tree you get to have to amazing scent running through you home. In my opinion that is the only good thing about having a real tree. Well also because you have to through it away after you spent how ever much money on it, you don’t have to find a place to store your tree the rest of the year.

Faux Tree:

Faux Trees are a little more low maintenance. You don’t have to clean up behind the needles, or water the base. Also, you only need to buy a tree once. Until all the needles fall off and your left with sticks, but that won’t happen for a while.

I am sure you can tell what type of tree will be in my home this year… but I would love to know what kind of tree you plan on having in your home. I actually need to go put mine together now 🙂



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