Blogmas Day 4: How to relax before a big day

Weather you have your BIG day coming up or all the holiday parties that will be coming up later this month. When something major is happening in your life you tend to stress out mostly because of uncertainty or you just want everything to go perfectly. Here are a few tips to prepare for any events that are causing you stress.

1. Do things that will make you relax.

Think relaxing thoughts, or at least do relaxing things. The morning of a major event, maybe watch a movie, read a book, whatever you need to do to relax. Take some time to let your mind go somewhere relaxing. Ohhh maybe even take a bath with lots of bubbles!

2. Give yourself enough time.

Not everyone enjoys scheduling, but at least think about what it is you want to do that day. You have to give yourself time for that relaxing bubble bath, your hair, and your makeup. When you don’t have enough time, you will rush. When you rush, things are forgotten, broken, or ruined (such as your dress).

3. Drink tea.

There are so many teas that are used to relax the mind. Drink them. If your not a tea drinker, drink some water to keep yourself hydrated.

4. Sleep.

Make sure you get enough sleep! You will be more focused, and under eye bag free.

5. Eat.

When you are excited eating is always the first thing forgotten. Or as I stated before, you will fun to get some food in your stomach, which can cause you to spill something on your outfit. A stain is not a stress reliever.

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