Blogmas Day 12: Christmas Pajamas

My family is not really big on tradition, but there is on tradition I love and look forward to every year it is the BEST! On Christmas Eve everyone in my family is allowed to open on gift. It turns out to be the same gift every year, Pajamas! I bet your wondering, what is so exciting about pajamas. I actually do love pajamas but it is so much more than that. Mom my (who facilitates this) comes up with some sort of theme, all the guys are something similar and the girls (me and my mom) have similar styles. I is so much fun seeing what she picked out, sometimes we have hats, robes, slippers, or everything. It’s always so much fun, just writing this post, is getting me excited about Christmas!

Here are some Pajamas I have been loving…

Christmas Pajamas

Christmas Pajamas by mypurplescarfblog featuring a short pajama set

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