Blogmas Day 19: Revlon Lip Butter

Recently, I rediscovered this little gem from revlon. Starting from the beginning, I have been in love with the Lip Butters for over a year now. They wear like a lip balm but provide a sheer color and moisture. Over all an amazing lip product. Digressing, over the weekend I wanted to wear a different color, and decided to shop my makeup drawer.

Raspberry Pie, is an amazing lip color. OMG, girls you have got to try it. It is not a red lip, but at the same time this color add some vibrancy to your lips! Ever since last week I have been wearing this color nonstop.
IMG_3036IMG_3032Revlon has never done me wrong when it comes to lip color. According the the website it states that the lip butters are a gelĀ formula that provides hydration for a smooth feel. When I am out and about, I love having this product because it keeps me looking put together and I don’t need to be completely precise, something I love in a product.



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