Blogmas Day 24: Families and Holidays

If you all read these post regularly, you will know that I am getting married a little of 5 months. Being that today is Christmas Eve and I am in Richmond for the Holiday. It got me thinking how to people who have families all over the country spend their time with family for the Holidays. Frances and I have discussed this and we have came up with an easy solution to the problem.

For Thanksgiving we would like to host our families at our house in MD, which is what I do now and bringing Frances’ family into the mix would be easy. For Christmas we have a fairly easy arrangement as well. Which is why I am in Richmond now.

We start off in Richmond, the day we leave Maryland depends on our work schedule but no matter when we leave we stay in Richmond until late Christmas Eve (about 11pm) then we drive the hour and a half to Virginia Beach, where my parents leave and bring in Christmas morning there. Depending on work schedules, we try to stay until New Years which is my mom’s birthday.


Leave a comment down below you and your bf/gf handle the holidays.



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