If you read yesterday’s post you will know that I have made a commitment to work out on a more consistent basis. Growing up I was an athlete, I ran track and played volleyball. By the time I got to college I thought I was over it, but I found myself in the gym 3 days a week. Over the years that has QUICKLY changed. Being that I have to fit into a gorgeous white dress (in my opinion) in 5 months. So I decided to start working out again. Contrary to what some may think I have actually started working out in November, then stopped because I got my hair straightened… I know #dontjudge
For you ladies who have a big even you may want to look in shape for or just looking for motivation to working out. I will share with you what gets me moving.
I am not going to lie… I love workout clothes. I feel like a poser if I just buy workout clothes and don’t work out… so I buy super cute workout clothes to make me want to go to the gym. The items shown below can we talk about how cute those nike legging are? I am actually going to go find a pair they are so cute!
I may not have conveyed to you all how much I actually love work out clothes! Nike and Under Armour are my absolute favorite! Nike sneakers are the best, I do have some great running shoes but I wear the on casual day too. After making this college I will be looking for those nike leggings and I want a pair of those nike free 3. I love Under Armour too, if you have ever worked out in the winter you knot UA is a must!
ON THE MOVE! by mypurplescarfblog featuring fitted tops
I find myself as being one of those people who can not get anything done at the house. So getting a gym membership is my trick. I hate to waste money so I will feel a little more obligated to go if I pay for the gym. So a week ago Frank and I decided to get a gym member ship I have been there every other day since then. I have so much fun when I go. I have the time I need to clear my mind and not feel like my to do list is getting longer (Wedding planning!)
Happy Exercising!

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