Wedding Wednesday: Making closet room for hubby…

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So, I have a problem. I don’t have enough closet space in my home for all of my clothes as my future husband’s clothes. Frank has a regular amount of clothes nothing outrageous, but me on the other hand probably have more than I should. I like to justify that by saying I am in the business of fashion. Currently, the closets that are in my master bedroom is where I house my clothes. They are not the most functional in there current state. I am trying to scale back on my closet, but if we are being honest with each other,  that will not help.

The Problem:

When I moved into this house, there were not racks in any of the closets. I told my contractor that I wanted two racks in this closet, so he but the top rack up extremely high and didn’t put in a bottom rack, stating I didn’t provide enough money to have two racks. I could have given it to him, if he told me. I was in such a hurry to move in (it was my first house, I was excited), I decided to deal with it. So I have dealt with it, but that will be the first fix before Frank moves in.

The other master closet is fine the way it is, perfect for hanging clothes. Notice there is no place for my shoes, jewelry, or accessories. So those items are housed in my guest bedroom closet. I live by the motto out of sight out of mind and there are so many great items I am constantly forgetting to wear.

The Solution:

I have decided to move all of my clothes into the two closets that are in the guest room. They are both full sized closets and if I make one of the closets a double hang I will be able to put even more clothes in one the closets. I think there will be enough room to have my shoes at the top or bottom of both closets. I will need to purchase an chest to keep my purses in, and a jewelry chest. I am also thinking about adding some glam by getting a vanity. I could even film in there for my Youtube Videos.

This is what I am going for, a girl can dream right!

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I will keep you all posted on the progress



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