Spring is Springing

My favorite time of the year is the summer time! Needless to say I am so excited that we, dare I say, lost an hour. This weekend I felt this overwhelming feeling of joy knowing that the days have gotten longer. On the flip side of my joy and happiness, I am so tired. Loosing this hour ruins my sleep pattern. Sometime I want to go to bed early and other nights I can’t fall asleep into the early mornings. I am so frustrated because I am so sleepy (tonight is an early night). Last night I was up late, searching the web for cute summer dresses, because in a perfect world it would be 80 degrees next week! One can dream!

Another thing that happens to me when spring is around the corner I just want to clean. When I say clean, I want to clean everything. Lately, I have been reading one of my favorite organizing blogs, “I Heart Organizing” and have been getter really practical tips on ways to organize and make my home more efficient. As well as wanting to make some home repairs. When I get into these moods it becomes and obsession. I start making list, color coding my planning to give me the feeling that I am organizing something.

Does anyone else’s mood changes when the days start to get longer?



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