Bachelorette Party in Miami

Happy Wedding Wednesday Everyone!!!!

Last weakend me and a few of my Maids went and celebrated my last few days as a single woman in Miami. We had so so so much fun! It was surprise after surprise. First when we got there Nikki ordered car service to get us to the hotel! Is it okay for me to admit that I love stuff like that! It just makes me feel so fancy! 

When we got to the hotel, which was very nice, Nikki came up with this “story” saying she had to go to the bathroom and needed her privacy. I thought that was odd because we lived together for about 7 years, but to eaches own. So me and the other girls went and waited by the pool. After an amazing night out, I come back to the hotel to see it decorated, my mouth dropped!! It was so special! 

Just a moment in the weather, it was amazing! 

Over all me and my favorite girlfriends had such an amazing time… Fun, laughter, and food. I hope you enjoy the pictures posted below.  





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