3 Day- Getting Things Done

Today was a very productive day. Honestly, it had to be, we are on crunch time.

There are some days where we just feel so stressed and overwhelmed. Today was one for me. On busy days like today I like to keep everything organized. Keeping life organized helps me to not become so overwhelmed. Here are some tips that help me keep calm and carry on.

1. Clean. Starting things off on the right foot is key. When I start a busy day, I like to have everything cleaned. Cleaning helps me to be organized because I will know that everything I need is in it’s right place. Also, when the day gets crazy I know my space is already clean.

2. Schedule. When I plan my day, I like to use my iCalendar to mark off the time that I have an appointment, phone call, or to remind me to do something at a certain time. I also plan the travel time, if i have to venture out, it helps me to be on time.

3. Make list. I have been told, I order to remember things you must write them down. To me that is usually a list of what I need to do or reminders. When my day is crazy I will become absent minded and to avoid that make a list will help to keep me on track.

4. Double Check. Whenever I get a few seconds to myself, I like to double check my todo list or calendar just to make sure I didn’t forget something, and to make sure I planned everything out correctly. Sometimes just looking at the schedule or list again, I may come up with a more efficient way of doing something.

5. Find time to relax. If all goes well there will be times when I may be early or just have some down time. We all need some time to ourselves take a deep breath and collect our thoughts. If we don’t have a clear mind then how can things get done as efficiently as they should be getting done?

I hope this helps



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