Mission Update

Recently, I have been thinking about how I can make My Purple Scarf better. My goal is always to provide you all content that you want to read. Which got me thinking what do you all want, I don’t really know what that would be, so I needed to take another route. What can I give you?  Again, that can’t be defined until I tell you what I am doing. So here we go!


I want to provide you all with content that makes each of you inspire to be different and to embrace being different.

Looking at my group of friends, each of my friends have such a different personality, from each other and from me. Which is just how I like it, I like to bring something different to the table, and take away something different from each person I share space with. I think that is what makes everyone unique and fun. I am all about fun 🙂

Be sure to check up the update about page to see what I changed…


Jazmin Mac


  1. I’m always so inspired by stories about people who embrace what makes them different. Everyday I strive to not focus on being “likable” by every single person, but instead being authentic and kind. I look forward to seeing the shape that your “mission” will take.

    • I completely agree there is such a big difference between being likable and kind. Being kind to others is something we can strive to achieve, but being likable is something others have to think of us, and we have no control over that. That’s a great way to be, thanks for the thought!

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