Something You Don’t Know About Me #1

A few post back, I was writing about my honeymoon in Hawaii and how Frank and I went on a hike and saw a super cool light house. Upon writing that I realized something you don’t know about me,  I love lighthouses.

I have no idea why I find lighthouses so fascinating. If I ever go somewhere coastal, I try to make it a point to to see if there is a lighthouse nearby. When I was younger, my favorite type of calendars to get were lighthouses. For some reason I find them mysterious and like there is a story to be told about it. They usually seem desolate and creepy. I hope I am not the only one who thinks of lighthouses like that- Ha!

Here are some of the coolest lighthouses I haven’t been to, but am looking forward to exploring.


I took this photo last year, at the Cape Henry Lighthouse in Virginia Beach.

There are so many more I would love this see in the Unites States. 🙂 I can’t wait to take you along with me!


Jazmin Mac

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