Hair Envy

I know I can not be the only person who get lost on Pinterest for hours. A few days ago I came across these lovely ladies and their gorgeous hair. Which got me thinking about hair envy, and what I think of it. In all actually I have I hair envy with all of these ladies, some because of the length, some because of the curl and some just because of the style. It is okay to like how other people style their hair without wishing and praying it was your hair.

As for me I have big, crazy, wild hair and I don’t think I would trade for anything only, because it is mine. When I was younger I wised my her like like every other black girl I saw on TV. Until I got older and started to appreciate my hair for what it is.

I think as we get older we start to realize, there is nothing I can do about it so lets make the most of it. This can be applied to almost anything. We should all me content with what the Lord given us. Although, there is nothing with with appreciating what the Lord gave to other people as well.


Jazmin Mac

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