New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year!!!! With the new year comes all the new year resolutions! I wanted to share with you all my resolutions… so here we go!


Get Fit: I know this is cliche but I am serious. Typically, I go to the gym about once a week. My resolution is to start going three to four times a week. I would like to go back to my training schedule for the wedding or close to it.

Post regularly on Youtube and My Purple Scarf: This has been my resolution for the past couple of years. This year I plan to really focus to make my blog as great as it can be. I am really passionate about what I do here and on youtube. I feel like it is time to start applying myself more than what I have been in the past.

Keep the House Clean: I have learned that life is so much easier when it is organized. Considering how much I love to wake up in the morning to a clean home, and go to bed to a clean home. I figured I should do what it takes to make those moments achievable. Also, when it is time to clean it’s not an all day activity, because little has been done over time.

Journal: Journaling is my favorite way to spend time with God. It gives me the opportunity to get things off my chest, pray for people, and study the bible. I like to use devotional books as well as the bible app when studying the Bible. It’s a great way to express yourself while drawing closer to God. Coming from a person who doesn’t show a lot of outward expression of emotions, writing down how I feel and giving to to God to handle makes life so much easier.

Save More Money: I recently took a finance class at my church and I discovered I was not saving enough to meet my life goals. In the future I want to buy a new home as well as rent my current house. The only way to do that is save save save. Plus I also want to have the recommend six months of living expenses (not just bills) in saving before I even think about buying a new house.


Jazmin Mac

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  1. Katia

    Amen to all of the above! Except for posting things in YouTube lol! I’ve already gotten back into the gym and I’m definitely reminded to make journaling a more frequent thing. It’s has been a great way for me to not only figure things out but like you it’s a great way to spend time with God and by the time I’m done writing “we” have figured things out together.

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