Places I want to Visit

It has been some time since I have traveled someplace new. I feel myself getting the itch again. When I get this “itch” I like to jot down the places I would like to go, as well as one thing I want to see when I go to each place. Here is my list this week… I hope it inspires you all to plan a new place to visit as well.

Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC is a beautiful city, from what I have seen in pictures. The homes alone take my breath away. One day I would like to take one of the home and garden tours with allows you to visit beautiful homes, or even take a tour of the many historic homes.

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco has a lot of attraction I would LOVE to see. I would love to see the Painted Ladies. Look how cute they are, I wonder if any are on sale LOL.

Also in San Francisco, I would love to take a ride on the trolley, I have never been on a trolley in general, for my first trolley ride to be in San Fan would make it be even more amazing.

Lastly, visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, look how beautiful it is… I just want to see it in real life!

Nashville, TN

There are not a lot of things I would like to see in Nashville, I’ve always been intrigued by the city. There is so much history there about the music industry. I would love to frolic around this amazing city seeing the sites and what the city has to offer.

Boston, MA

I don’t even know where to start with Boston. There are so many things I would like to see there! Boston is filled with so much history! I will try to keep the sites of where I want to visit to a minimum.

The Dr. Suess National Memorial Sculpture Garden, growing up my older brother and I had such a big obsession with Dr. Suess. When I found out there was a sculpture garden dedicated to this genius, I have to visit!

The JFK Museum, I am a huge fan of JFK and his legacy… Plus Jackie O! I would love to see what this museum would have to offer!

The Boston Harbor, this is the legendary site of the Boston Tea Party, one of the most outrageous protests in American History. I am sure, visiting this location would be breath taking.

Atlanta, GA

Apart from this being a super cool city, the one thing I would love to visit is the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site.



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