Just Let It Go

It is time for spring cleaning. Twice a year I do an overhaul on my closet. Like most of you, I am sure you have those items in your closet that you never reach for, thus taking up valuable space. For one reason or another we become attached to our clothes even though they do nothing for us in the long run. If you find yourself in a place where you just can’t get rid of things, here are some tips to give you more perspective on letting go.

  1. You get more space! —–Have you ever had your closet so full it was hard for you to put things away or take things out? I admit I have been there before. It makes getting dressed so hard. As many of you know, I get up fairly early in the morning. Knowing that I am not a morning person, I have to make getting dressed as simple as possible. I pick out the clothes I want to wear the night before, mostly, but if something doesn’t look right or the weather is not what I expected, I need to change my outfit and the pickings need to be available quickly and accessible!
  2. Easier to make outfits—– I like to consider myself as a person who can get dressed fairly quick (as long as I know what I am going to wear). When I am stuck putting together an outfit at the last minute, it can take hours, especially if it is a special occasion. When you have items in you closet that make you feel good, you will love everything and when you close your eyes and pull out something it will work because it is not a piece of junk that you don’t even remember buying let alone wearing in the past year.
  3. You know everything fits—– One thing I like to do before I get rid of something, especially if I am on the fence about it, is wear it one last time. If there is something off about the item, I find myself messing with it throughout the day or I realize I am uncomfortable wearing it. The first thing I do when I get home is take that amazing item that would be great for someone else and toss it in a bag for donations. I will not put it back into my closet (sorry I wont even wash it).
  4. You know what you have— When you know what you have you will not make the mistake of buying the same item over and over. I have been there before when I’ve purchased the same black shirt in slight variations. Honestly, how many black v-neck shirts do I need? Just because this on has a tiny design on the sleeve that is barely noticeable does not count. When things get hidden by the overwhelming amount of stuff in your closet it is easy to miss!


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