Casual Cardigan

Lavendar Cardigan with Jeans-4617Lavendar Cardigan with Jeans-4531Lavendar Cardigan with Jeans-4621Lavendar Cardigan with Jeans-4549Lavendar Cardigan with Jeans-4640Lavendar Cardigan with Jeans-4570Lavendar Cardigan with Jeans-4602Lavendar Cardigan with Jeans-4578Lavendar Cardigan with Jeans-4652

Sweater: H&M ~ Shirt: H&M ~ Jeans: Nordstrom Rack similar here ~ Shoes: Target

I love a casual outfit that allows you to showcase your personal style. This outfit is a great way to add style to your weekend look. Typically, on the weekends I wear sneakers pretty much everywhere because I just want to be comfortable. I dress up all week long and I just want to relax on the weekends. If you are looking for a cheap pair of sneakers check out target, you won’t regret it!

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