Pink Chunky Sweater

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Happy December Friends!

Now that we are officially in the Christmas season, it is time for me to get my house together and put up decorations. I get so excited to decorate my house. A few years ago before I moved into my house I thought decorating for the seasons was so dumb! Of course, all that changed as soon as I had a house of my own. I find myself decorating not only for Christmas, but spring/ Easter, and summer.

Just for reference, I don’t go crazy. I like to put just enough out where it makes the house look a little festive. I feel like it is up to me to set the mood in my home.

What do you all think about decorating for the holidays? Do you do a little or a lot?

Sweater: Primark similar here ~ Shirt: TJ Maxx similar here ~ Jeans: Gap similar here ~ Shoes: TJ Maxx similar here

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