Warby Parker Resort Line

Technically, I am supposed to wear glasses for reading, but I don’t because It is such a struggle finding cute glasses. I remember, when I was younger, actually wanting glasses so bad. In my mind it was an accessory that you HAD to wear everyday. Of course, things are not as great as they seemed. To my surprise, after receiving my prescription glasses, they didn’t turn out to be as cute as I thought they would be. Warby Parker is a game changer for the prescription glasses industry. From the comfort of my home, I took the short quiz to determine my style and picked out five frames. The frames will be sent to my home to try on.  I have five days to make a decision.  Oh, and they also have sunglasses too.

When I first heard about Warby Parker, I have to admit, I thought the name was really cool, but the idea is even better. Trying on actual glasses that you picked out at home, that is genius! They will allow you to test out five frames for five days. That is the perfect amount of time to decide if they are as cute as you expected. You will be able to ask your friends and family for their opinions, but I am sure you will naturally gravitate to your favorites anyway.

Every year when I get my eyes checked, I tell myself “this year I am getting prescription sunglasses”, but I never do.  I always tell myself I will come back and place an order later. Warby Parker is set up like a regular retail store. If I finally decide to order sunglasses, I can place an order online or go into one of the several locations just like any other store. This makes life so much easier for me.

Now, let’s pause here while you go check out the SUPER CUTE glasses they have! Don’t worry I will wait 🙂 Just this week they launched their Resort Collection which I am in love with. In this collection they are highlighting the mixed materials trend, and they do it so well! My favorite feature is the metal inlay that is visible only from certain angles. Sometimes you see it and sometimes you don’t. I have even seen people who love the glasses so much, they order them for personality glasses or just regular sunglasses. They are cute enough!

If you are in the market for new glasses (or sunglasses) check out Warby Parker. I mean you can’t go wrong. The price is great, they are stylish and on trend and you can try them on in the comforts of your own home. I ran into the store to pick out some of my favorites from the line, including a wild card that I couldn’t resist.


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