I think most newly married couples have a problem of where to spend the holidays. I would have to say I think Frank and I lucked out. We spend time with both of our families for Christmas. We live in Maryland and our families live in Virginia. Once we decide when we are going to leave for the holiday we start making our way to Frank’s mom’s house in Richmond, then we move on to Virginia Beach where my family is.

This year we are departing on Saturday morning. We will be staying in Richmond until Christmas Eve. Usually around 8pm we depart and make our way further down I-95 to my family house and stay there until the day after Christmas.

Here is a quick look at my Christmas. If I can be honest, I am not in love with the tree, but I did my best with what I have. I think the tree it pretty, it is just SMALL. I decided that when all the Christmas stuff goes on sale after Christmas, I am going to buy a tree that is bigger, which means I will also have to buy a few more ornaments. My living room is some what rustic which is why I love the making my tree with wrapping paper.

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