How to dress up lounge wear

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Comfort is everything to me. I love coming up with ways to make lounge wear look put together. Over the last couple of weekends I can’t remember if I actually put on a pair of jeans. With the weather being as cold as it has been, I haven’t really even wanted to leave my house. Nonetheless, I still had prior engagements to attend, all while still wanting to be comfortable. Today, I wanted to share with you a few tips I use when keeping it comfy but cute.

  1. Start with a great pair of leggings. Here I have on a pair of faux leather leggings from Express. Lately, I have been seeing some really cute moto leggings. I think I will be getting a pair soon.
  2. Go Monochromatic. Something about wearing the same color from head to toe makes and outfit look so chic. My favorite is wearing all black, it adds an air of elegance to a look. That is exactly what we want when wearing lounge wear to be cute.
  3. Always cover your butt. Here is a rule to live by, when you wear leggings cover you butt. I have never seen leggings look flattering when the shirt does not come past the hips. I will be honest, I don’t follow this rule at the gym, but I am not trying to be put together for the gym (I mean I am, but in a different way).
  4. Add a third piece. This works whenever you are getting dressed. You have to add a third piece. Whether it be a statement necklace, a cardigan or jacket, or something as simple as a scarf, you have to have something that will finish off your outfit.
  5. Shoes. Your shoes are an accessory, so have fun with them. They really do make your outfit. In this outfit a pair of over the knee boots would have made this look completely different than sneakers. Both would be cute, but the sneakers would be much more casual.

I hope this helped you all and gave you a little inspiration on how to look cute in your lounge wear.

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