Army Leggings

Black Sweater Army Leggings-8982Black Sweater Army Leggings-8948Black Sweater Army Leggings-8974Black Sweater Army Leggings-8931Black Sweater Army Leggings-8981Black Sweater Army Leggings-9066Black Sweater Army Leggings-8973Black Sweater Army Leggings-9012Black Sweater Army Leggings-8992Black Sweater Army Leggings-9019Black Sweater Army Leggings-9001Black Sweater Army Leggings-9035Black Sweater Army Leggings-9003

About a month ago I purchased these pants. I can’t tell you how much I have been loving them. When I first saw them on the Express site, I thought to myself, would I ever wear army leggings? I am not a big fan of printed leggings, but these may have changed the game for me.

I think I have worn them Sunday after church, when it is time to relax and watch Netflix. As I’m writing this and thinking to myself “how would these look with boots and dressed up?” That thought¬†may be doing a lot, but I wonder… If it comes out cute then you will see it in another post.

Coat: Calvin Klein similar here ~ Seater: Gap similar here ~ Pants: Express similar here ~ Shoes: Nike 

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