A Fuzzy Half Zip

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I have to say, I love to wear clothes that give comfort. On busy days, I just have to get myself out the door, but I always like to do my best to look as put together as I can.

There are times when I need to take a break from all the effort it takes to get dressed. I don’t know about you, but when I get dressed it’s usually an entire production. Some days I just don’t have time for that. When I’m short on time, I love to just grab something that looks okay and go about my day. For me, a nice hoodie or fleece does the trick.

Even though certain days I opt for a more casual look, it is still important to look put together. It’s a necessity that the items in your closet are great pieces that make you feel good. When you feel good, it does something with your confidence. When you exude confidence you can conquer the world.

Fleece: T.J. Maxx similar here ~ Jeans: Old Navy ~ Shoes: Nike similar here

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