2018 Fall Bucket List

Fall Pumpkin Selfie

Something about the fall makes me want to sit down and find fun things to do when the weather starts to get cool and crips. The last couple of years I’ve shared some outings and date nights I want to do this year with my husband. I have to say, I’ve never done everything on the list, but maybe this year will be my year. Here is my 2018 Fall Bucket List:

  1. Sit by a fire pit- I’ve been looking everywhere for a place where we can go sit by a bonfire and just drink hot chocolate or apple cider. Am I making this up in my head and something like this does not exist?
  2. Go to the mountains to view the fall foliage – this is on my bucket list every year, I have yet to make it happen, but maybe this will be the year. (fingers crossed)
  3. Visit a place we have never been before- this just came to me today, I was reading an article about visiting the Biltmore Estate, and it sounds like a great adventure. I may not be visiting the Biltmore, but I think it would be fun to visit something locally.
  4. Take a local tour- I think it’s fun to learn about the history of your city or town. Every tour I’ve ever been I’ve learned something new.
  5. Watch the entire Saw series- My husband and I love scary moves and when we were in college, the Saw series came out every October and now that the series is over it would be fun to go back and revisit.


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