Plan Your Day with Emily Ley

I would consider myself the be the type of person that can just fly by the seat of my pants. I am able to get things done but the unnecessary stress it takes… OMG, I can’t continue to have this chaotic type of life. So I did what most people would, I bought a planner.

No surprise, I actually buy a planner every year. If you go though them, some have been used others have mass amounts of blank pages which serves no purpose to me. I’ve even tried different planners to see what can help… still nothing.

Then I found Emily Ley’s Simplified Planners. Of course, the planners were beautiful as most planners are, but it’s a community! I’m not talking about the planner community where people talk about how they decorated their planner with stickers and washi tape, but a community of women all striving to keep their head above their busy schedules JUST LIKE ME!

If you buy a Simplified planner you get monthly emails about ways to simplify your life. I was like… yes please, sign me up! Initially, I ordered the weekly planner, I thought to myself maybe I should get the daily but the weekly was slightly cheaper. BIG MISTAKE, it was so small, and I couldn’t fit my life in between those little lines. I think it would work for those who are in school but for my life, I needed more space.

So here is the simple way I plan things out… I put everything in my Google calendar, then every few days, ideally once a week and fill out my simplified planner, and I create a todo list based on the plans I have coming up. THAT’S IT!

Emily Ley just introduced the new planners!!! It’s was so exciting, like I virtually attended a big launch party about all the amazing ways we can make our lives simple. For more information make sure you check out or the simplified facebook page. You wont be sorry you did!

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