Top 5 Holiday Travel Tips

I know so many of you travel for the holidays, just like Frank and I. We actually have a pretty good deal because we are both from Virginia and our families don’t live to far from each other. 

Every year we start our Christmas Vacation in Richmond, VA visiting Frank’s family. We stay there until Christmas Eve and we pack it up to finish out our Christmas Vacation in Virginia Beach with my family. We usually leave a few days after Christmas. That way we can beat the traffic and still have some time home before the new year. 

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We’ve don’t this trip for about 6 years now and I think I have it down to a science. So here are my tips: 

1. Plan – Know what you are doing in advance as much as you can. Frank and I have a quick conversation about what our expectations are for each leg of the trip. Having a plan gives us the opportunity to know when we need to be ready. 

2. Prepare- We give gifts in both of our families, one thing that helps me is to have all the gifts packed and sorted by each location. When we leave our hose there is no more shopping or wrapping. That has happened before and it really takes away from the time we get to spend with our families. 

3. Pack- Make sure you have enough have the correct outfits for the events that will be happening while you are away (refer to point 1). You need to know what the plan is when you are aways. For example, we usually go to church with Frank’s family for Christmas Eve service, but when we get to my family’s house we tend to stay in our lounge wear the entire time. 

4. Patience- Things will go wrong, you will most likely be in traffic, in our case we will probably leave late. Know what things are not going to be perfect, it’s okay because it really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you arrive safe and have an amazing time. Don’t let the things that do not matter ruin your trip. 

5.Play- Now that you are with your family, have a good time. Enjoy the season, play games and love each other. That is what this season is all about anyway. 

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