How to Save Money and Still Amazing Style

How to Save Money and Still Amazing Style

Yellow Cardi Wide Leg Pants-4075If you are reading this most likely you like to shop just as much as I do. Another thing I love just as much as shopping is saving money. It sounds crazy right, but it is true. I am a huge shopper, but I do it within limits and according to my budget. A lot of people think if they are saving for a big vacation, or planning to buy a big purchase tend to think they have to cut a lot of things out of their budget to get the big things they want. These people are true, but I like to find ways to have it all! Here’s how I do that: 

  1. Be Responsible- if you are about to buy a brand new car, you may want to adjust your mall time just a little bit. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a new shirt every now and then as long as you have the money you need for your exciting new purchase. 
  2. Plan Plan Plan- If you know you are a shopper but also want to keep saving money plan out how much money you are able to spend each month or pay period and stick to it. Sometimes we like to call this plan a budget. 
  3. Sales- Did you know that almost weekly our favorite stores conduct a sales. For example, I love Express and very often they have site wide sales in addition to having sales,  they also have a reward program where you can get additional dollars off. The trick is just be patient and understand that you never have to pay full price for things you love. 

Yellow Cardi Wide Leg Pants-4097Use these tips, you will have a full closet and a full savings account. One thing I wanted to point out, I do have and use store cards. The RULE for this is paying off the balance. I don’t usually hold a balance on my cards month to month, I use them for the points and I only have cards for stores I shop at a lot. 

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Happy Shopping!

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