Take the Time for Rest!

It’s that time of year when we all need time to relax and just enjoy the season. This year I posted for 25 days in a row. I am very proud of myself because it was not easy and there have been many late nights, to ensure I had a post ready each day. Some post were late but that’s where grace comes in because it was still something posted. 

Just on the last work week alone was crazy and hectic. Prepping to get ready for travel this week, my todo list was never ending. The good thing about it all is that this week I had nothing planned and I am going to enjoy it and relish in it so much more.  

We all have responsibilities, but when you plan to take time off it’s very important that you plan for that time off. You will never enjoy it if you have things left undone that will worry you and mess with you time off. When I am relaxing I want to relax all the way. 

When you do have the opportunity to relax, do it and do it well. I my post earlier this week What Christmas Means to Me I shared how I spend the entire day in bed. I love it and I enjoy it so much! I look forward to and I know it will be amazing!

We all work so hard and we deserve that time off to recharge ourselves so we can come back stronger and better. That said, I am taking some time off after Christmas and will be back in the new year with brand new post for you all in 2020. I hope you all have an amazing new year and we are going to do it big next year! 

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