My Skin Care Story

My Skin Care Story


We know that our skin is our biggest organ and it is so important to take care of our skin every single day. Over the years I’ve tried a million things. Some good and some not so good, but through all the trials, I think I’ve come up with a good routine that hopefully will stick. 

To give a background on my skin, all my life I thought I had combination- oily skin. Halfway through the day, my nose would be so shiny, and I also suffered from acne on my cheeks. A few years ago, I switched to a more gentle skincare routine. I started to notice the products I used were stripping my skin and causing more breakouts. 

I decided I needed to get back to a basic skincare routine to be able to determine what was causing my skin to react. A basic skincare routine for me consists of a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. I also discovered that I only need to wash my face with a cleanser at night (to include double cleansing when I wear makeup) Spoiler alert my skin cleared up.

In the last couple of months, my skin started to freak out again, but instead of breakouts, I had fine bumps all over my face, mostly concentrated on my forehead and around my eyes. Being that I have a PH.D. in Google University. I discovered that I may have been suffering from dry skin. 

To remedy, my supposed dry skin issue, I decided to keep my routine the same but to add in a hydrating serum. So far it’s been working. My skin looks glowy and healthy. 

Hindsight, I should have known that I had dry skin. I would break out from over washing, lack of moisture would cause my skin to overproduce oils, and using oily skin products would cause me to break out as well because I was stripping my skin of the moisture it needed.  

If this resonates with you, here are the products I am currently using. Fair warning, I do plan to try other products just because it’s fun but I do plan to continue to use these types of products.

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  1. Yes, your skin is beautiful.

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