Why I No Longer Decorate for Fall


As we continue through the fall season, I am seeing so many people sharing their fall decorations. It’s very inspiring and I love seeing what people are doing, but as for me and my house… I am over decorating for the fall. 

Over the last couple of years with life getting busier and busier, I’ve wanted to streamline some of the things I feel I “have” to do. I would stress out over trying to get my house all decorated for the new season and the last couple of years it just wasn’t happening. So this year I decided to not decorate. 

In addition, to stressing over getting this done, I then had to store all this extra stuff! I had boxed of pumpkins, boxes of bunnies for Easter, and boxes of summer decor. I realized the last couple of years it was just being stored because I haven’t had the time for the switch up. 

I’m sure most of you are wondering about the Christmas decor. Honestly, I am not into decorating for Christmas because you have to take all the things out and then after a few weeks put all the things back. The problem is Frank enjoys the holiday decor so he usually will make his attempt to decorate and I will readjust as needed. So it works. 

Overall, I feel like I am meant to be a minimalist, and having all this extra stuff simply bugs me. However, I do enjoy buying mums for my front porch and adding a few pumpkins to decorate. Side note, this is not a photo of my home, but it’s pretty right.


  1. sharonmac45

    That is a nice picture. I just like mums in the fall and that’s it. Pumpkins rot and draw bugs and animals. Yuck.

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