Surprise!! I’m Pregnant!

Surprise!! I’m Pregnant!

We are finally sharing the really exciting news! We’re having a baby! We have been keeping this secret for some time now and so happy to share it with all of you. 

Just to bring you up to speed, I am 18 weeks pregnant today and so happy to kinda feel like myself again and have a little bit of my energy back. I’m planning on doing a post about my first-trimester experience soon. When I first found out I read about so many experiences other people had. It was fascinating how different everyone’s body is. 

Here are some of the photos we took for our announcement. I thought many people wouldn’t catch on to the announcement, but while we were at the park so many people kept telling us congratulations. I thought to myself “yes, they get it.” It was a lot of fun.

Here are all the links to my outfits, in case you are wondering, this skit is so comfortable, and who doesn’t love a pair of comfortable sneakers!

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