Top Amazon Purchases of 2020

Amazon may be the best invention ever! Press a button and your items are delivered right to your door! Today, I am rounding up my favorite purchases from Amazon. Oddly enough, no clothes made it to the list. Rack Room Shoes (1)

Top Purchases from Amazon 2020
Neck Massager I tend to hold my stress in my neck. I purchased this after seeing it talked about on instagram stories and knew it was the solution I needed. 
Silicone Non Sick Baking Mats Last year I bought a new set of baking sheets. Since then I would cover it with aluminum foil to minimize clean up. I wanted to try these to minimize the waste. 
Magnetic Lashes Every so often I get the itch for lash extensions. However, I hate what they do to my lashes. I’ve tried various types of magnetic lashes and theses are my favorite. 
Glass Straws I’m a straw drinker, and I needed straws that I could see they were clean. In the past I would use disposable straws and knew I needed to do better. 
Volcano Essential Oils- This smells just like the volcano candles that Anthro sells. They are the perfect dupe. 
Wool Dryer Balls So my dryer needs some help when it comes to drying large loads. Apparently, if you use dryer balls it helps cut down on dry time, and these work like a charm. 

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