Pregnancy Beauty Favorites

Pregnancy Beauty Favorites

I know there are some things you can and can not do while your pregnant, don’t ask me to run down the list because I’m still not exactly sure what everything is. I think if we can just do the best we can everything will be fine. Do your research and talk to you doctor to determine with is best for you and your baby. 

Here are some items that have been getting me thought this pregnancy. 

It’s time to talk about beauty products, not just any kind of beauty products but pregnancy beauty! Here are the items I’ve been using almost daily to keep me feeling like myself. 

I naturally have dry skin, so I knew I needed to do everything it took to keep moisturized. I hear if your skin is dry it will itch as your skin stretches to compensate for baby. 

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Honest Co. lotion and shower gel– I did a google search to find the most moisturized lotion and Honest came up so I decided to give it a try. If I am honest the lotion is amazing the shower gel is a shower gel nothing to special there. 

Bio Oil– I use this morning and night. Currently, I haven’t developed any stretch marks nor have I been really itchy with my stretching skin. I love the way it makes my skin feel moisturized especially with the cold weather. 

Lip Balm– I’m not sure if this is necessary because of pregnancy or just because it’s so cold outside. But this lip balm has always been one of my favorites. 

Vital Proteins – Protein is a big deal in my life, a few months ago I started using vital proteins again. This is a collagen protein which is amazing for your skin. I think it makes my skin look dewy, and I hear it will also help with potential stretch marks. 

Native Deodorant– I heard that aluminum is bad for you especially pregnant. Again, google told me that native is a good option. I’ve tried other types of natural deodorant in the past. I typically go for a more natural deodorant in the winter since I don’t get as hot (which means I don’t sweat as much) 

Toms Toothpaste– I heard that pregnant women shouldn’t use fluoride as well. So I went for a walk through Target and just grabbed the cheapest one I could find. I actually really like it. 

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