Annual Christmas Cards

Annual Christmas Cards

Many Many years ago, I was influenced by the Kardashian Family and their annual Christmas cards. Before I got married I sent out cards I was able to do one with a photoshoot. The rest, I just made sure I sent something. I always knew, when I had a family I wanted to be the kind of family that sends out Christmas Cards.

This year, I am happy to say I am on the ball and already ordered my cards. As soon as they arrive, I will be sending them out. Last year, I was such a mess and stressed out that I barely got my cards out in time. I guess when you don’t really have plans it easier to plan the things that matter to you.

I’m using Shutterfly this year for my cards and I am happy to say they have a great sale happening right now if you plan to send out cards as well. I’ve used them for years and they make things so easy.

Once we get our cards back I will share them with you, we are actually announcing the gender on our cards this year to our friends and family.

I always keep one for myself and display it the next year with the others. It’s always fun to look and see who things have changes. I pulled down the ones we used and the past and added them to this post.







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