2021 Planner

img_0746I’m a paper planner person, in fact I have an entire system on how I use my google calendar and paper planner together it’s pretty fool proof. Let me know in the comments if you want to know my system. 

For the past two years I used the Simplified signature daily planner. I love it, but one thing I noticed is I like to see my week at a time. I love the daily planner because of all the space for your todo list, but I then have to write the task I didn’t complete every other day when I turned the page, which got annoying. 

This year I decided that I wanted a weekly planner, I love the concept and design of the Simplified planner so I thought I’ll get the weekly. One thing I like about the daily is the coils, I like to be able to fold my planner over at times when I’m doing my planning. Which is why I didn’t go with the signature weekly planner.

However, the Simplified planners are sold at Target and they have a weekly planner that has coils. You get the same design with coils for a cheaper price and it’s actually bigger so you have more space to write. 

Have you decided what planner you will be using this year? 

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