5 Things I do Everyday

5 Things I do Everyday


Life is what you make it, and I want my life to be organized and planned out. Some things I plan more than others and some people may even consider things to be predictable. It’s important for me to ensure I am keeping up with my healthy lifestyle while still having fun. Here’s how:  

  1. Drink all the Water– It’s no secret that I think drinking water is very important. Daily I strive to drink as much water as I can. I believe this will look different for everyone. The benefits of being hydrated are so good. I won’t go into it here but google it. 
  2. Eat Greens– I’ve dealt with digestive issues for years and I know one thing to be true, eating leafy greens and vegetables are so good for you, I try to get in at least one serving at every single meal. 
  3. Move my body for 30 minutes– I never realized this was something that was so important to me until I didn’t do it. I prefer to go outside, take a walk and get some fresh air. It really helps me when I am stressed and to relax. Currently, walking is not as easy as I would like for it to be but I do still try to spend a little bit of time outside as much as I can these days. 
  4. Quiet Time– this looks different for me every day but on an average day. I like to take some time and think about all the things God has done for me in the last 24 hours and then my journal about what I read in my devotional. This is my devotional for this year.
  5. Read– I read pretty much every day, sometimes in a magazine, audiobook, or a physical book before I go to be. I don’t want to make it seem like I’m reading something profound. It’s mostly fun romance novels or a thriller. It’s something I like to do just to keep myself entertained. If this doesn’t happen (it didn’t day) it will be just fine but I did realize it’s something I do pretty much every day.

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  1. These are such healthy habits to have! I must say, I struggle to drink enough water but I know the benefits and really want to try.

    1. It is sooooo hard!!!! In my opinion it’s a habit that takes a long time to build. I would start with a committing to one bottle a day and increase it from there. It’s better than nothing right 😃

      1. That’s a great tip, thank you so much!

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