BEST OF 2017 REPOST: Floral and Denim

Floral Skirt and Denim Jacket 36Floral Skirt and Denim Jacket 42Floral Skirt and Denim Jacket 38Floral Skirt and Denim Jacket 45Floral Skirt and Denim Jacket 46Floral Skirt and Denim Jacket 53Floral Skirt and Denim Jacket

Hi Friends,

I hope you all had a great weekend. Honestly, I am shocked I was able to get this post edited and live today. Last week was such a crazy week. I felt like I didn’t even have a chance to sit down. I am glad to start the week off fresh.

On another note, lets talk fashion. This skirt I have been waiting to wear once stockings were no longer necessary. I wanted to pair it with a simple t-shirt and a denim jacket. There is still a chill in the air here hence the light jacket. Plus, I love denim with everything 🙂

Christmas Card Photoshoot


Hi Friends!!!!

Today I am sharing my favorite photos from our  Christmas Card photoshoot a couple weeks ago. Guys, honestly this is one of my favorite traditions we have started. I actually love the way the card turned out and I can’t wait to show them to you!

Shirt: H&M ~ Skirt: Old Navy (old) similar here ~ Necklace: Aldo ~ Fur: Forever 21 ~ Shoes: Aldo


I think most newly married couples have a problem of where to spend the holidays. I would have to say I think Frank and I lucked out. We spend time with both of our families for Christmas. We live in Maryland and our families live in Virginia. Once we decide when we are going to leave for the holiday we start making our way to Frank’s mom’s house in Richmond, then we move on to Virginia Beach where my family is.

This year we are departing on Saturday morning. We will be staying in Richmond until Christmas Eve. Usually around 8pm we depart and make our way further down I-95 to my family house and stay there until the day after Christmas.

Here is a quick look at my Christmas. If I can be honest, I am not in love with the tree, but I did my best with what I have. I think the tree it pretty, it is just SMALL. I decided that when all the Christmas stuff goes on sale after Christmas, I am going to buy a tree that is bigger, which means I will also have to buy a few more ornaments. My living room is some what rustic which is why I love the making my tree with wrapping paper.

Running Late Go To Outfit

Black Denim Jacket Old Navy Striped Skirt-5092Black Denim Jacket Old Navy Striped Skirt-5111Black Denim Jacket Old Navy Striped Skirt-5115Black Denim Jacket Old Navy Striped Skirt-5146Black Denim Jacket Old Navy Striped Skirt-5265Black Denim Jacket Old Navy Striped Skirt-5282Black Denim Jacket Old Navy Striped Skirt-5379Black Denim Jacket Old Navy Striped Skirt-5389Black Denim Jacket Old Navy Striped Skirt-5419Black Denim Jacket Old Navy Striped Skirt-5573

Have you ever woke up late, then to top it off, you have nothing to wear? Unfortunately, that happens to me more often than I would like to admit, but I am working on it. One thing I do to avoid the “I have nothing to wear” kind of morning, is have outfits that outfit that always works. This skirt typically goes into that rotation for me. It is so easy, to grab and pretty much goes with everything.

If you are like me and are allergic to mornings, here are some tips that have helped me over the years.

  1. Pick out your clothes at night and keep a few outfits that are always ready to go. I try to pick out my clothes on Sunday night for the week, or even the night before. I recommend picking out a few extra outfits because if you wake it and it was colder than anticipated, you can wear one of your back up items.
  2. Have a go to make up look. I don’t wear much make up, but what I wear on a daily basis I have mastered that art of applying it in about 8 minutes. I am tying to get it down to 5 minutes but I am a work in progress 🙂
  3. Keep it simple. When you get dressed, you need a bottom, top, and a third piece. A third piece could be a jacket, statement necklace, or even a scarf. Throw on one of those items then you are out the door.

I hope this helped make your mornings much easier!

The Perfect Skirt

Old Navy Puffer Vest and J-Crew Wool Skirt-5742Old Navy Puffer Vest and J-Crew Wool Skirt-5720Old Navy Puffer Vest and J-Crew Wool Skirt-5647Old Navy Puffer Vest and J-Crew Wool Skirt-5673Old Navy Puffer Vest and J-Crew Wool Skirt-5733Old Navy Puffer Vest and J-Crew Wool Skirt-5711Old Navy Puffer Vest and J-Crew Wool Skirt-5734Old Navy Puffer Vest and J-Crew Wool Skirt-5665Old Navy Puffer Vest and J-Crew Wool Skirt-5741Old Navy Puffer Vest and J-Crew Wool Skirt-5740Old Navy Puffer Vest and J-Crew Wool Skirt-5661Old Navy Puffer Vest and J-Crew Wool Skirt-5654Old Navy Puffer Vest and J-Crew Wool Skirt-5648

Happy Hump Day,

Have you all ever worn the pencil skirts from J Crew? I have them in a few colors and I can promise you once you wear one, you will want them in all the colors they come in. The good thing for your closet (but not your wallet) is that J Crew comes out with new and different colors every season. They go great with many things, boots, booties, flats, sandals, and dare I say sneakers if you want to get funky.

Sweater: Gap similar here ~ Skirt: JCrew here here here~ Vest: Old Navy similar here ~ Shoes: Nine West similar here and here

Warby Parker Resort Line

Technically, I am supposed to wear glasses for reading, but I don’t because It is such a struggle finding cute glasses. I remember, when I was younger, actually wanting glasses so bad. In my mind it was an accessory that you HAD to wear everyday. Of course, things are not as great as they seemed. To my surprise, after receiving my prescription glasses, they didn’t turn out to be as cute as I thought they would be. Warby Parker is a game changer for the prescription glasses industry. From the comfort of my home, I took the short quiz to determine my style and picked out five frames. The frames will be sent to my home to try on.  I have five days to make a decision.  Oh, and they also have sunglasses too.

When I first heard about Warby Parker, I have to admit, I thought the name was really cool, but the idea is even better. Trying on actual glasses that you picked out at home, that is genius! They will allow you to test out five frames for five days. That is the perfect amount of time to decide if they are as cute as you expected. You will be able to ask your friends and family for their opinions, but I am sure you will naturally gravitate to your favorites anyway.

Every year when I get my eyes checked, I tell myself “this year I am getting prescription sunglasses”, but I never do.  I always tell myself I will come back and place an order later. Warby Parker is set up like a regular retail store. If I finally decide to order sunglasses, I can place an order online or go into one of the several locations just like any other store. This makes life so much easier for me.

Now, let’s pause here while you go check out the SUPER CUTE glasses they have! Don’t worry I will wait 🙂 Just this week they launched their Resort Collection which I am in love with. In this collection they are highlighting the mixed materials trend, and they do it so well! My favorite feature is the metal inlay that is visible only from certain angles. Sometimes you see it and sometimes you don’t. I have even seen people who love the glasses so much, they order them for personality glasses or just regular sunglasses. They are cute enough!

If you are in the market for new glasses (or sunglasses) check out Warby Parker. I mean you can’t go wrong. The price is great, they are stylish and on trend and you can try them on in the comforts of your own home. I ran into the store to pick out some of my favorites from the line, including a wild card that I couldn’t resist.