Long Line Cardi

Long Cardi with a Blue Tank-2-13Long Cardi with a Blue Tank-2-2Long Cardi with a Blue Tank-2-4Long Cardi with a Blue Tank-2-6Long Cardi with a Blue Tank-2-11Long Cardi with a Blue Tank-2-12Long Cardi with a Blue Tank-2-14

Happy Thursday! I have been under the weather lately, which is never fun. I am giving myself a few pats on the back to get this post up today. It took every ounce of strength to sit up and type this. Ok, I know that is slightly dramatic, but I really don’t feel well. What do you like to do when you are not feeling your best?

Cardi: Thrifted similar here ~ Tank: Nordstrom Rack similar here~ Jeans: Old Navy ~ Booties: DSW similar here

Blush top -0261Blush top -0380Blush top -0296Blush top -0570Blush top -0302Blush top -0578

Welcome to October! This is the month were I put away my summer clothes and break out my fall (and winter) clothes. That means it is not time to break out the high boots, and I am so excited about it. In the next couple of weeks Frank and I will be making our bi-annual shopping trip. I am making a list of all the things I will need for this season. I am such a nerd about how much I love planning and organizing my closet.

Top: T.J. Maxx similar here and here~ Jeans: Nordstrom Rack similar here ~ Shoes: DSW similar here and here

Work Out Chic

Keep your heart rate up-0843Keep your heart rate up-0753Keep your heart rate up-0785Keep your heart rate up-0870Keep your heart rate up-0796Keep your heart rate up-0807Keep your heart rate up-0859

I have been wanting to work out for about a week now! I have been sick back to back and it kicked my butt, knocking me off my game. Tomorrow I should have time to go to they gym and I am going to go take a run which I am excited about it.

You may think I live in Old Navy, I do, but only because they have great things that are always on sale. I found this workout top in the spring for under $10. It is very comfortable, I love how it has a loose fit. I love wearing all back especially going to the gym. It makes working out chic.


Fall Sunny Days

Old Navy Top with Utility Skirt-2169Old Navy Top with Utility Skirt-2081Old Navy Top with Utility Skirt-2104Old Navy Top with Utility Skirt-2165Old Navy Top with Utility Skirt-2255Old Navy Top with Utility Skirt-2185Old Navy Top with Utility Skirt-2186Old Navy Top with Utility Skirt-2229

Guys, I am so sick of being sick. I think I told you last week I was under the weather. It’s like as soon as I get over having a cough, I now have a sinus issue. Honestly, I think today was the most normal I felt in two week. I’m so over it.

On a brighter note, we still are having war weather even though it is officially fall. How does it feel? It’s like a dream to me. I am so dramatic I know. What did you all do over the weekend?

Shirt: Old Navy ~ Skirt: H&M similar here ~ Shoes: Franko Sarto (via Ross) similar here

The Chambray Shirt

Everyone Needs a Chambray Shirt-0082Everyone Needs a Chambray Shirt-0024Everyone Needs a Chambray Shirt-0087Everyone Needs a Chambray Shirt-0047Everyone Needs a Chambray Shirt-0111Everyone Needs a Chambray Shirt-0136

The Chambray Shirt… in my closet this is a staple. When you are in a rush and just need to throw on something, it is never an option to look a mess 😉 Having a go to outfit always helps when you are in a pinch. I would consider this one of my go to outfit. You can wear it with almost any bottoms and you are good to go.

I would love to know what your go to outfit is.

Chambray Top: Target ~ Jeans: Old Navy ~ Shoes: Steve Madden (old) similar here

Playing Dress Up

Calvin Klien Dress with Pearls-9598Calvin Klien Dress with Pearls-9512Calvin Klien Dress with Pearls-9609Calvin Klien Dress with Pearls-9552Calvin Klien Dress with Pearls-9560Calvin Klien Dress with Pearls-9619

This is why I love TJ Maxx! This dress is Calvin Klein and I love it! I wear this to work all the time with flats, but this particular look I wore to a wedding. The necklace elevates this look and makes it more dressy.

I like to repeat my looks, I actually wore this dress in this post as well.

Dress: Calvin Klein ~ Necklace: Banana Republic similar here ~ Shoes: Kenzie similar here and here