Today I am sharing with you all, our wedding video. I went back and fourth for about a week trying to decided if I was going to post it. I thought it was silly not to after a while. We spent countless Wedding Wednesdays together planning my wedding. I shared so many details with you all, so why not the finishing touch?

Here is it, I hope you all enjoy it. 🙂


Jazmin Mac

Bridal Shower Photos

JazminCakeCutting-2 Balloon-1 Jazmin-1 Jazmin-13 Jazmin-17JazminGiftOpening-19 JazminGroupShot-1 JazminMomAuntCousin-1 MimosaBar-9


Just when you thought Wedding Wednesday was over, it’s the gift that keeps on giving 🙂

I recently had a chance to actually go through all my photos from the events around the wedding, I realized I have so much to share with you all. First up are the photos from my bridal shower. These photos were taken by Brian Adrian, to see more of his work . Don’t you think my maid of honors did such a great job!

Thinking back, causes me to have a HUGE smile on my face. This party was everything I could have ever wanted. It was classy and eloquent and I has such a great time with my friends and family.

Lace Top: Banana Republic

Crop Cami: Garage

Pencil Skirt: Banana Republic

Headband: Forever 21 (old) similar here, here, here.

Brian Adrian:

Something You Don’t Know About Me #2

I love cover bands.

For those who don’t know what cover bands are, think of the TV show Glee. I never thought of Glee as a show dedicated to cover songs, but in essence it is. There are are so many great cover band out there, I tend to find most of them on Youtube. The way each band reproduces music from our favorite songs is phenomenal. One for my favorite cover artist is Alex Goot, he has a Youtube channel I subscribe too and is so good! One of my favorite cover songs he redid, was “Time After Time” on his CD songs I wish I wrote Volume 3. I think this is my favorite because this was the first song I downloaded by Alex Goot. Since this song, I have been a fan. In 2012 he released a album, that was amazing!

My favorite thing about cover songs is the way a person put emphasis on a different work could change the entire meaning of the song also too, the person singing typically has such an amazing voice.Recently, I discovered this new band thanks to Pandora. Boyce Avenue, and there music is so amazing as well! That is one thing I love about Pandora, you can find anything on there to listen too, and you don’t have to listen to the same songs on the radio over and over. Rest in peace Paul Walker, but if I have to hear “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa I am going to start driving in silence!

If your interested in Alex Goot you can find him on iTunes 


Jazmin Mac


Photo Credit:

5 Minute Face

This morning I took this picture while I was getting dressed, and instead of just posting it on Instagram I thought what a great post-lol

For a quick 5 minute face these are the products I use.

Nars tinted moisturizer

Mac skin finish natural

Kabuki brush

Eye brow brush

Contour Brush

Blush Brush

Wet ‘n Wild eyebrow pencil

Black radiance setting powder for contour powder

Elf blush

Maybelline baby skin primer


Jazmin Mac

Something You Don’t Know About Me #1

A few post back, I was writing about my honeymoon in Hawaii and how Frank and I went on a hike and saw a super cool light house. Upon writing that I realized something you don’t know about me,  I love lighthouses.

I have no idea why I find lighthouses so fascinating. If I ever go somewhere coastal, I try to make it a point to to see if there is a lighthouse nearby. When I was younger, my favorite type of calendars to get were lighthouses. For some reason I find them mysterious and like there is a story to be told about it. They usually seem desolate and creepy. I hope I am not the only one who thinks of lighthouses like that- Ha!

Here are some of the coolest lighthouses I haven’t been to, but am looking forward to exploring.


I took this photo last year, at the Cape Henry Lighthouse in Virginia Beach.

There are so many more I would love this see in the Unites States. 🙂 I can’t wait to take you along with me!


Jazmin Mac

Brian Adrian Photography

A few weeks ago, I had a photoshoot with Brian of Brian Adrian Photography. He is an up and coming photographer in the Washington DC area, and I had the honor of working with him. First I want to apologize to Brian for taking so long to post this! We shot these pictures a week before the wedding and as you can imagine time got a way from me. To redeem myself here they are for your enjoyment 🙂

Feel free to check out Brian’s work at Photographicbrian.comFacebook, or email him directly at

Jazmin-22May-Pic-29Jazmin-22May-Pic-14-bw Jazmin-22May-Pic-15
Jazmin-22May-Pic-33Jazmin-22May-Pic-43IMG_7045IMG_7075 Jazmin-22May-Pic-17 Jazmin-22May-Pic-18 Jazmin-22May-Pic-19 Jazmin-22May-Pic-20 Jazmin-22May-Pic-21 Jazmin-22May-Pic-23 Jazmin-22May-Pic-26 Jazmin-22May-Pic-27

What I’m Wearing:

Sweater: Old TJ Maxx Similar here and here

Pants: Old Navy (sold out)- similar here

Necklace: Charming Charlie’s

Shoes: Nine West (sold out)- similar here

Bag: Michael Kors


Jazmin Mac