What is your biggest fear?

I will not disclose what they are. When I have fears they are borderline phobias. Talking about them, I don’t even think I will be able to get through this post. I am going to face my fear BUT I WILL NOT PUT IN PICTURES!  I had to clear my mind right not to avoid thinking of the SCARY THINGS!

1. Opossum… I can’t

2. Snakes

3. Nocturnal Animals

4. Cats

5. Things that are not the correct size (weird I know!) but look at this! 



What Does Halloween Look like to me?

In my older age (late 20s) I have started to be come more and more uninterested in Halloween. The perfect Halloween night for me would be watching a marathon on my favorite scary moves. I am BIG into scary movies, understandably they are never really scary to me but I love them!

Check out my instagram for more on what I will be doing this Halloween.




Finally that moment I have been waiting for… ten months in the making! I am going dress shopping this weekend! My mom is coming to visit, my aunt and grandmother will be joining us and we are going dress shopping. Well I will burn my mom out while she is here this weekend and try to get a lot of items crossed off my list, but I will save that for another post.

I have been looking up list (yep I am very type A) to be as prepared as possible for this weekend.

1. No more than 3 appointments in one day.

2. Keep your party small. Try not to bring any more than 5 people. Everyone will have an opinion and you may second guess yourself.

3. Keep and open mind. A general rule, don’t rule anything out until you tried it on… it may be THE dress.

4. Know your budget. Stick to it, there is no reason to go into debt for a dress you will only wear once.

5. Go with your gut. If you feel in your bones that it is right, then it will be right.

Organization Tips for Bloggers

Oh how I love to organize things! Having a blog gives me something else to organize. Here are a few tips I use to help me organize.

1. Keep things as simple as possible. By not making things overly complicated will be confusing which is never any fun!

2. Keep a monthly planner of postings. Having my posting planned out in a planner helps me to see what I need to do that week or what I have done over the month. I can also look back and refer to older post if needed.

3. Schedule post- when I write out my post on the specified day. I usually schedule them if I finish the post. Using platforms like WordPress allows bloggers to schedule their posts without being at their computer. This works out great for me because I do have a full time job.

My Childhood Dream Job

When I was younger I wanted to be EVERYTHING! There were a few careers that I really wanted to do!

Actress- The first job I remember ever wanting to do. I think it was because I love moves, because I loved them so much I wanted to be in them!

Doctor- I have always had a love for health. I think it is so cool to be able to help people in a very specialized way.

Fashion Show Producer- Top Model did this to me, this was my favorite t.v. show in high school. I loved the final episode and I said to myself that is what I want to do!

Hair Dresser- I have always loved doing hair. I didn’t want to go to college, I wanted to go to beauty school. My mom then talked me into going to college and maybe going to beauty school after.

Secret Service Agent- When I first started my career, I helped a group of students tour Washington DC. I was able to learn so many things myself. What the secret service does was the coolest of them all!

I did end up going to College and getting a degree in Fashion Merchandising, then going on the get a Master’s in Organizational Communications. Today I work in an office setting using my communications degree, kinda.



Favorite Fall Memory

My favorite fall memory of all time was a few years ago when I went to my first scary haunted house. It was the FUNNIEST situation ever! This haunted house was a series of haunted houses in a wooded area.

We walk up to the first house with a bunch of clowns standing outside. l do not have a fear of clowns, so this was a cake walk to me, so I proceed. Then the smallest clown jumps over the fence, blocks me from the group and starts screaming a loud as possible! I am like, what am I supposed to do. Then the clown starts crying, while this is getting more awkward than it should be, I try to get a way but the clown would not let me though. After a few minutes had to jump over the fence to get away.

At one point there is a break in the terror and as we walk down a path, I see in the distance a few people standing around. I am thinking we are catching up to the group ahead of us. Ha! So wrong… they started running towards WITH CHAIN SAWS! I lost it! Of course not in a classy way, in a crazy way. Screaming bloody murder is not that cute! For some reason I thought crazy people got into the scary woods and were really going to kill us! So I trip and fall, but of course I can’t I fall gracefully, I fall in a way that makes me look like a fool. I end up falling dawn a small hill! I will never make fun of the people who always fall in the movies!

That’s not the end. We get to the very last house, which was pitch black… not the worst situation because, I am not afraid of the dark. Apparently there were curtains around with people behind them making them shake. With all the commotion going on I think someone panicked… because in this pitch black room I felt someone’s FINGER SCRACH THE INSIDE OF MY CHEEK! That was the scariest party of the entered thing! I am borderline a germ-a-phob.. and I have no idea whose finger was in my MOUTH! just thinking about it gives me the shivers!

Everytime I think of this! I can laugh myself to tears!