Winter Book Review

Hi Friends,

Recent, I have been reading so many good books. I would be doing you all an injustice by not sharing with you these books. Just a little background on the type of books I like to read, I love a good thriller. Anything that has me reading with my mouth agape, that means I am sold. Typically, I like to read self help and christian living books, until I discovered “Gone Girl” after that I was hooked. I even got my husband hooked too, he is more of an Audible type of guy, but at least the interest is there 🙂 Here are the books I have read over the holiday season, and couldn’t put down. I will try my best not to give any spoilers, but read with caution 🙂


This book was a hot mess. We have this amazing couple that seem to be perfect. Until we really see what is going on in their marriage. The husband is UBER controlling, mostly because he is a psycho. I like the way the story unfolded, at first you think you are about to go on this amazing journey of a love story with a perfect couple <insert heart eye emoji> until you realize the husband is a crazy sick man. I love how the main character is so dedicated to getting out of this situation. She get’s the oscar for best actress, because she got him good!


Call me crazy but a lot of times, I like to see how the title fits in with the story. I didn’t get why this was called the couple next door, because there was a couple next door (two technically) but I never grasped which one was more crazy. It’s okay, because the book was crazy twisted regardless of the title. Here we a have a wife who is suffering for post-pardom depression after having their first child. The husband may or may not be having inappropriate moments with the hot wife next door. Then the baby goes missing and it seems like everyone is involved. There is a ransom, but the freaky next door neighbors blackmail the other couple next door because they like to film private moments. In my opinion the wife needed to get a backbone, I understand she is sick, BUT YOUR CHILD IS MISSING! The husband was the biggest mess if ever, he was such a jerk and your typical pig!


This was a great story, it was a little slow, but it captured me enough to want to know how everything turned out. The story starts out with a girl who was robbed in her apartment. Then she goes on a cruse to find that someone was thrown overboard and left for dead. After attempting to alert the authorities on the cruise. She starts getting threats telling her to leave it alone. Of course she does not, then she goes missing after that everything is revealed and we realize we live in a really sick world. As the story ends, we find out so many twists, I kept saying… really.


This was a good one I couldn’t put it down. I love a book with a great twist!!! So, the main character is a teacher and she comes form money but her father cut her off because he wanted her to be a lawyer like him. The man (who in my mind was really attractive) abducts her and hold her hostage for a few months. They fall in love and then all the crazy comes out. She is sick in the head and so is he. Oh so is her father.

I tried my hardest not to give any spoilers but I hope if you have the reading bug like I do, you will find some of these books to your liking. They were all great page turners… let me know what books you are reading now, what do you recommend?

Book Review: The Eternal Engagement by Mary B. Morrison

On the book jacket the book is described as:

“Lincoln, a star athlete, turns down a full scholarship to college to join the military. Before deploying he proposes to Mona and Katherine so both would write him while he was away. When his best friend is killed in combat, Lincoln learns neither war nor marriage was what he was prepared for.”

I just finished this book, like right now. Let me express to you why I was expecting so much more. This book had depth, hope, passion, then it ended. Nothing was resolved. Here is the book in a nutshell.

On graduation day Lincoln decided he wanted to propose to his girlfriend. Not the most absurd idea, except they are both just graduating high school. I’m sure we have all been there, thinking we were going to marry our high school sweetheart, Katherine. When it doesn’t happen we move on. It was a nice gesture, only if she was the only one he proposed to that day. Lincoln then decided to propose to Mona Lisa (yea that is her name) although, they haven’t been in a relationship since their sophomore year. Oh guess what they both said yes, and was excited about it.

Moving on Lincoln went into the Marines, throughout the book they kept referring to him as solder. Maybe I am picking but Marines are Marines and solders are in the Army, but I digress. After Lincoln went through all the craziness sailors, solders, airmen and marines go though he returned to the states with PTSD. After hearing what Lincoln has to go through to get health care for his condition, he then turns out to be a jerk because he begins calling his baby momma asking her for money. Oh yea I forgot to tell you Katherine got pregnant and raised Lincoln’s son on her own while getting her degree to become a New Anchor.

Mona Lisa then ended up graduating college and began dating some random named Stephen, married him while still wearing the engagement ring Lincoln gave her 9 years ago. I guess she really thought he was gonna come back and marry her. Even though there was no phone call, letter or anything. This random guy Stephen was a bounty hunter turned murderer. Got Mona Lisa caught up in one of her murders, then moved away to run from the cops.

It’s a lot going on right… there is more.

Mona Lisa realized how crazy Stephen was, left him started dating some random guy (this was so irreverent I don’t even remember his name). Stephen found Mona Lisa have sex with the no name in the parking lot (nasty), followed them to the hotel they were staying at breaks in kills the random, kidnapped Mona Lisa tied her up in their home. Mona get free runs to Lincoln who was living in Seattle, WA (I don’t know how he got there).

When Mona Lisa knocks on the hotel room Lincoln was living at, she was greeted by a naked Katherine. Lincoln was off looking for the hooker who stole his money the night before (I promise I am not making this up). Mona Lisa and Katherine exchange some colorful words then Mona Lisa kicked Katherine out of the hotel room. Katherine left and when back home to her son.

With Katherine gone, Mona Lisa and Lincoln got back together. Now it is Christmas time and Mona Lisa and Lincoln went home to their home town. Randomly, Katherine and Stephen began dating, yup that’s Mona Lisa’s husband. Stephen hated Mona Lisa at this point and wanted to kill Lincoln.

After a bunch of running around they home town the book ended with Stephen dying, Mona Lisa going to jail, and Katherine being pregnant with Stephen’s baby.

That’s it.