Wearing All Black

I love jackets! They may be my favorite item of clothing. But this time of year when we are rushing the spring weather, I like to breakout my lighter jacket. I found this jacket back during the fall Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

When I saw this jacket I really loved it because it fit well with my style. Over the last couple of years I have really had a love for all black outfits. I love the way they make me feel. I love how an all black outfit is so chic and classy.

Of course, wearing the same color every day can get really boring really fast. One way I avoid boring black every day is by not wearing all black every single day. I love it but, a girl needs some variety. I also like to find that having items with embellishments helps keeps things from being so boring as well. These shoes again, some of my favorite this year helps makes the look more fun.

Sweatshirt: J.C. Penny similar here and here ~ Jacket: Nordstrom ~ Jeans: Old Navy ~ Shoes: Steve Madden

Thrifted Victoria Beckham Bunny Dress

Victoria Beckham Bunny Dress-8089Victoria Beckham Bunny Dress-7969Victoria Beckham Bunny Dress-7974Victoria Beckham Bunny Dress-8051

Do you remember this dress from last year? I was on the hunt for months trying to find this dress in my size. Eventually, I gave up. On a recent trip to Goodwill lately, this little number was on the rack just waiting for me to purchase it. I not sure if I am going to wear it for Easter this year, but when else can you justify having rabbits on your collar.

If you are still looking for an outfit to wear this weekend I will link some similar looks below.

Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt

Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8915Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8869Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8902Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8860Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8800Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8900Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8863Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8890Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8837Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8852Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8879Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8796Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8864Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8824Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8884Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8834Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8877Sheer Polka Dot Shirt with Silver Skirt-8787

Even though Valentine’s Day has come and gone, I had one more dressy fun outfit to share with you all. I shared this shirt with you a few posts back. Yep, I still love it. It works well with so many looks. I think it will be a staple in my wardrobe for years to come. I found this skirt at T.J. Maxx. The skirt is by Calvin Klein and always wins with me.   The cut of the skirts and dresses work very well with my body type. Lastly, if you don’t have a stoll get one, they make any outfit look so much more glam – I love it.

Shirt: Express similar here ~ Skirt: T.J. Maxx similar here ~ Scarf: Forever 21 similar here ~ Shoes: Banana Republic similar here


Work Out Chic

Keep your heart rate up-0843Keep your heart rate up-0753Keep your heart rate up-0785Keep your heart rate up-0870Keep your heart rate up-0796Keep your heart rate up-0807Keep your heart rate up-0859

I have been wanting to work out for about a week now! I have been sick back to back and it kicked my butt, knocking me off my game. Tomorrow I should have time to go to they gym and I am going to go take a run which I am excited about it.

You may think I live in Old Navy, I do, but only because they have great things that are always on sale. I found this workout top in the spring for under $10. It is very comfortable, I love how it has a loose fit. I love wearing all back especially going to the gym. It makes working out chic.


Confidence in Black

Over the years I have been drawn to color –  the brighter the better. One of my favorite things to do Is mixing contrasting colors together. I get a lot of comments that they  would never have thought to wear that together (I take that as a compliment!).  However, in the past year or two, I have been loving more neutral colors. I find all black to be the opitaimity of chic! We can even see this throughout the years. One movie most fashionistas love, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” when she wore that amazing black dress and pearls. I do, however, consider myself a fashionista, but I actually thought that movie was boring.  I watch it for the fashions.

With black, by changing the accessories, you can create so many outfits that give you so many looks. You can have a sporty look when you wear an outfit with sneakers, then with the same outfit have an evening look with jewelry and heels (flats for me tho!).  I just love how versatile one color can be.

You can even transition it throughout the seasons. I love a simple black t-shirt in the spring and summer. A black turtleneck in the fall and winter has been a staple in my wardrobe forever!

Confidence in all black 78Confidence in all Black 18Confidence in all Balck 22Confidence in all Black 45Confidence in all Black 80Confidence in all Black 95Confidence in All BlackConfidence in all Black 81

A Coat for this Weather

Hello there!

I feel the need to rant about how cold it has been the last couple of days. I guess I should be thankful that it is not snowing, so I guess I shouldn’t complain so much. With this cold weather, I have been living in this coat. Honestly, I wear it everywhere, everyday, all the time. I wanted this coat so bad because I have been into the athleisure look and wearing this with sneakers is my favorite look, especially for the weekend. img_8901img_8903img_8922img_8923img_8934img_8946img_8950img_8953

I received this coat for Christmas, but if you are looking for a similar coat I found one here and here.